One of the most amazing (and I think interesting) things about Branding is that it’s always evolving – while the underlying principles are the same as they ever were. Branding, just like we are, is changing in response to this new world in which we live. I’ve been impressed with the some posts that have made their appearance in the last month or so.  I’m sure you read far and wide as well, but in case you missed them, these are 5 smart, savvy articles that would be worth your time to read.

photo credit joebeone

photo credit joebeone

  1.  Adage: Nobody Really Cares About Your Brand, by  Tom Denari – This is a bold, in-your-face discussion on what the average, everyday person probably really thinks (or doesn’t think) about your brand. It’s a great wakeup call for all marketers to get out of their offices and actually talk with their target audience.
  2. Brand Strategy Insider: The Rising Value of Brands in the Digital Age by Greg Satell – This article is a great analysis of what it means to try to create a brand in this new digital age, online and off. The playing field has changed, and this post helps to frame that change.
  3. BrandSavant: The Single Best Question You Can Ask Your Customers, Audience or Partners by Tom Webster – This post examines one question that we should all think on, spend time with, and develop a plan for. It’s an insightful and interesting way to think about branding.
  4. ProBlogger: A Key to Building a Sustainable Online Personal Brand by Darren Rowse – While this post is written from the standpoint of managing a personal brand online, it’s lessons are applicable to corporate brands as well.
  5. Inc.: The New Rules for Marketing by Geoffrey James – This post takes a hard look at the old marketing rules and the new marketing rules. No doubt about it, the world has changed.

What do you think? What have you read lately that has evolved (or confirmed) your thoughts on marketing in general, and Branding in particular? I’d love it if you could share at least one below.


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