Is your business utilizing “remarketing” tools as part of your marketing plan? This method is also referred to as, retargeting, “it is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion.”

When someone visits your website, a cookie is dropped and then as they continue to surf other sites an ad about your business, that is relevant to the page they visited, is shown. I’m sure you’ve seen this before. You’re shopping for a pair of shoes on Zappo’s, or maybe pricing out a trip on Expedia, later that day while perusing Facebook there is an ad from Expedia for that trip to New Orleans that you were pricing out, or that pair of Nike’s that you were looking at from Zappo’s.

At best your website will have a 2% conversion rate, what happens to the other 98%? You work really hard and have a lot invested into getting someone to visit your site, shouldn’t you make the most of it? If there were a way for you to continue that conversation wouldn’t you want to, especially when you know what type of product they were interested in.

Facebook now has a tool that allows you to retarget consumers that have visited your site, another chance to turn a visitor into a customer. Plus, because they’ve already visited your site, you know what they are interested in and can more easily create ads that speak to their needs. This creates more engagement, more likes, higher conversion rates, and more sales.

Retargeting works like most other Facebook ads, and your philosophy should be the same as with other Facebook ads you run. Start small, see what works best, move forward. If you want to give retargeting a try for yourself here is how to get started:

  1. Go to your ad manager in Facebook
  2. Click on “audiences” in the left sidebar of your ad manager
  3. Click on the green button at the top of the screen that says “create audience” and select “custom audience” from the dropdown that appears
  4. Select the “website traffic” option and then select the audience to be for “anyone who visits your website”
  5. Name the audience & copy the code
  6. Upload the “Header and Footer” plugin to your WordPress
  7. Paste your “audience pixel” code into the <head> section of the plugin and hit save

That’s it!

If you would like learn more about Facebook retargeting, or any other digital retargeting marketing tools contact Paradux Media Group, we would love to discuss strategies and other digital marketing plans that can help your business grow.


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