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Do you own a salon equipment business or manufacture your own salon products? It can be a tough market to crack. With a quick search on the internet, you can probably find thousands of salon equipment vendors doing business. This means for you to compete, you will need a good marketing plan. You want to reach salon owners efficiently without having to spend a ton of money. With a simple marketing plan, you can target salon businesses in your local area as well as across the nation. You can show business owners the wonderful products you have to offer in just a few simple ways.

The best way to advertise your business is on the internet. You will need a strong online presence to compete with other manufacturers. Online advertising is extremely affordable and it is the best way to reach people. Spend the bulk of your marketing budget on your website. Your store website needs to be easy to navigate and needs to provide potential clients with all the information about your products. Spend some time with a professional web designer to create the perfect site. A great website will have customers returning for more.

Few Online Traffic Ideas

Once you have a fantastic website, you will need to help customers find it. This can be done in a number of ways. The most cost-efficient way is to set up social media accounts.  This will cost you nothing, and give you the opportunity to market your salon equipment business to millions of people all in one place. You can let people know about sales, events, and new products like shampoo bowls. You will even have the opportunity to chat with other users and reach new customers in ways you never thought possible. This is the best way to let people know who you are.

You can also invest in simple mailers or catalogues. Get a business address list of potential customers and send out flyers and catalogues periodically. This is still a great way to get a business owner’s attention. Sometimes the internet can be overwhelming and distracting. With something tangible in their hand to read, they will pay closer attention to what you have. Direct mail pieces can be sent for new products, specials, and sales. If you have a warehouse or showroom that clients can visit, you should definitely target salons in your local area with mail pieces.

Marketing your salon equipment business is easy. Without having to spend a ton of money, you can find and reach new customers and see great success.


Eric Blair

Eric Blair is an honored salon equipment expert writing specifically about salon chairs from Salon Equipment Factory and how to improve a spa. He has been in the custom salon furniture manufactring industry over 40 years, distributing to over 50 countries worldwide.

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  1. noel says

    you can also get help from designer or website that will give you some tips to market your saloon. there are many free platform on internet that can help you in this sector, just do a little research on internet. also don’t neglect social media website like facebook and twitter, they are in place to help you market your saloon.

  2. Kate Brown Wilson says

    This is really a great ideas that you have shared for us to know how to maintain our business. but the most important here is to have a unique brand for your own blog site. using a unique brand will sure attract many interested readers and will sure buy your product.

  3. Raymond Villarojo says

    Since you’ll be targeting the local market, you can help customers to find your business by simply giving out leaflet. This is an old school way of marketing but can still give results. People can view your page by the leaflet.

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