Social Media Ideas For Events

Following are eight social media ideas for events that can be used as a springboard for even more ideas that specifically fit the event.

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Social media is changing the way people market their events. In fact, the name of the marketing game today is engaging people long before the event begins and making it easy for them to sign up and participate. Leveraging social media is an excellent strategy for reaching the largest audience possible, giving marketers a chance to use their creativity in different ways.

8 Social Media Ideas for Events

Following are eight social media ideas for events that can be used as a springboard for even more ideas that specifically fit the event.

1. Use hashtags that resonate with the target market on all social media sites.

That may seem somewhat obvious today, but there are ways to eke the most out of the hashtag as a marketing tool when it is used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and others. Businesses need to be aware of #hashtags that seem useful but prove to be of little interest to customers, clients or attendees. What good is that? Try out a list of #hashtags, use software to determine which ones experience the highest volume and use those.

2. Create a website that offers information and different activities to garner interest in the event and link the website to social media accounts to encourage people to go to the website.

There is a host of social media ideas for events that marketing can use, including giving people a vote on some aspect of the event, like presenting a different question each day or week, so they feel as if they are a part of the planning and want to return to the website over and over again.

There are giveaways, early registration discounts, interesting information presented by an industry expert for free, free downloads and so on. Consider allowing people to vote by tweeting a designated #hashtag, and let the website track the votes so others can see the interest in the event.

Duck-Coffee Klatch3. Use social media to initiate conversations about the event so they become event promoters.

Encourage conference speakers and attendees to submit comments or questions about the event through social media. When their personal or business social media accounts are linked to the company’s social media sites, many people will get the event messaging. It is all about networking on social media so use its power to the fullest.

4. Create a Facebook page or a LinkedIn group dedicated to the event.

Post pictures, event information, all or some of the agenda, sponsor information and so on.

5. Run contests or special deals during the event that require attendees to use social media.

Run a contest on Twitter while the event is in session. For example, if there is a vendor exhibit hall, send the first 20 people to a particular vendor who will give them something free like a logo t-shirt or something more exotic like a free hotel room for one night.

6. Upload live video of the event.

This will capture the attention of people who could not attend and shows the business is all about sharing information and knowledge. This is one of the most powerful social media ideas for events.

7. Write interesting social media posts.

No one likes to be bored, and dull posts give an impression the event or the people in charge of the event are dull.

8. Widely share the event.

Share attendee tweets at the event on a screen behind the speaker. Share event presentations on the website or by using SlideShare or any of the other presentation software. Offer people who request copies of workshop panels a free set of PDF files they can download. Create a picture gallery and name the people and their companies who appear in the pictures. People like being recognized and feeling honored.

These are just a few social media ideas for events that will create online excitement. Social media has grown so diverse that it is tempting to pick a couple of programs and go with them. A better plan is to spread the event around the internet, making it easy for people to find it. When they find it, the goal is to have quality and interesting content that is engaging.

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