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10 Marketing Habits Killing Your Budget

When it comes to marketing it’s pretty easy to make a mistake. There are many different marketing strategies you can use and not all of them are good. The bad ones really kill your budget and so here are 10 habits you need to avoid.
   1.        Spam
No one likes spam and it doesn’t work. Don’t … Read More.

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5 Trends Your Marketing Team Should Budget For In 2015

Choosing the best ways to market your product or service isn’t always easy. A company needs to stay ahead of current marketing trends if they want to see a successful campaign. That being said, there are many things your company can budget for ahead of time so that your marketing team is ready for 2015.
photo … Read More.

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How to Get Your Finance and Marketing Executives on the Same Page

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Being on the same page is still a popular idiom used today, even though we’re turning less actual paper pages in our digital age. With all of today’s modern technology available at our fingertips, it is important that we are all still communicating effectively and performing collaboratively as a team.
Finance and marketing seldom … Read More.

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6 Crucial Tactics for Small Business Success in 2015

Ready to make 2015 the best year for your business? No question, marketing your small business has fundamentally changed in the last  years. If you haven’t changed your marketing tactics in relation to those changes, now is the time.
Here are 6 crucial tactics that will help your small business succeed in 2015.
1. Social Media, You’ve … Read More.

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4 Branding Trends for 2015

Building a brand in 2015 is more complicated than ever before. With the rise of technology, more businesses have been able to increase their sales even if they are just starting out. This is partially due to increased use of social sharing, but the truth is that the Internet levels the playing field. Businesses need … Read More.

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How to Master Brand Choreography in Today’s Rapidly Evolving Market Landscape

Every business today should have some kind of integrated marketing communications system, but planning and executing an effective strategy can be difficult — though it’s necessary in order to gain a competitive advantage. However, with today’s multitude of media choices, marketing channels and formats, inbound marketing and shifts in buyer behavior, it’s hard to keep … Read More.

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Strategy Toolkit for 2015

As you might be able to guess from our affinity for ducks here at Paradux Media Group, Mike and Tisha are pretty big University of Oregon Duck Football fans. (see if you can find them in the gigapixel panoramic photo here) In fact, one of us (Mike) is on our way right now to Levi … Read More.

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Are You PreQualifying Your Leads?

Photo Credit: Espen Sundve via Flickr
When you spend a little bit of time up front qualifying your leads, you know which leads have more potential, and you know which leads deserve more of your time and attention. When you know that, you can make better decisions about your most precious resource, your time.
67% of lost … Read More.

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Strategy is SO Important!

Remember the lyric, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” from the George Harrison song “Any Road”? Well, it’s especially true in business.
But the cold-hard reality is that getting out of the day-to-day and into the strategy mode can be quite difficult. It takes discipline, and it takes dedication.
Photo credit: … Read More.