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WordPress Tutorial: Essential Blogging Checklist [VIDEO]

Blogging for business is subtly different than blogging just for pleasure. And while both *should* be enjoyable, the purposes are intensely different. In blogging for business, we find it is helpful to follow this checklist to make sure you are maximizing the time you are spending on your website. Dixie Nuñez joined me today to talk … Read More.


WordPress Tutorial: How to Manage Site Security through Updates [VIDEO]

Did you know that in 2012 more than 117,000 WordPress installations were hacked? (the most recent year I could find data). And that today, 73.2% WordPress installations are vulnerable to being hacked? This is because these sites had software that was out of date on them. And that’s bad enough, but it’s been a bad week in … Read More.

the best internet marketing strategies

The Most Effective SEO Services Around

The best internet marketing strategies are those available through the most innovative internet marketing solutions. This is because such strategy always involves the most innovative organic SEO optimization. Since 90% of web users prefer organic search engine optimization over synthetic search engine optimization (such a pay per click advertising), organic SEO marketing is king!
Internet marketing … Read More.


Brand Once, Brand Twice: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Brand Thrice

Branding your company the first time always seems hard enough. Yet after a few years, your brand inevitably goes through a “growing up period”. In this phase, we see brands literally grow from “young” and
“immature” to more “grown-up”. This is a natural evolution of your brand — and it happens to most all brand in … Read More.


Website Design Medford Oregon – Hire An Advertising Agency

Why You Hire A Marketing Company To Design Your Website:
There was a time when even as a small business you shelled out big bucks, had some code written and BOOM, there was your website.
website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
Stagnent and too expensive to change, but you were in the 2.0 game.
That was the early 2000’s, … Read More.

Video thumbnail for youtube video WordPress Tutorial-How to Use Zemanta and Set a Featured Image - Paradux Media Group

WordPress Tutorial-How to Use Zemanta and Set a Featured Image

I was recently talking with a client about finding images to go on his blog. Obviously Zemanta is, by far and away, the easiest method for locating images that can legally be used on a website. But the downside to using the Zemanta tool is that the images aren’t eligible for use as a Featured … Read More.


New Changes: Facebook Business Pages – Medford

It might be time that you have a marketing team handle your social media
In the next few weeks Facebook will be rolling out tweaks to the desktop version of your business page.  The streamlined look for Pages on desktop will make it easier for people to find the information they want and help page admins … Read More.

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Online Marketing is a Romance: Here are Three Tips for Impressing Your Date

OkCupid, a popular free dating website, runs a blog about the statistics they encounter while analyzing their user information. In one interesting study, they found that smiling is the best way for women to receive messages online from potential suitors, but men, on the other hand, actually get more messages when they frown.
So: how does … Read More.


WordPress Tutorial: Managing External Links [VIDEO]

It seems like lately there has been a rash of request to remove links like the one below.
Hi there,
My name is ###### ####### and I am responsible for the website
The reason why I am contacting you is the content of the following link that points towards my site:
Above links are violating current formal Google guidelines. So, it is not … Read More.