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How Can a Small Business Get Started With A Marketing Services Company?


If done correctly, small business advertising can prove to be a marvelous tool to boost product sales, which directly translates to more revenue and success for any small business. Of course, getting started with it is not an easy task, and you may need the help of a marketing services company. Nonetheless, if used to… Read More

A Mobile Website Leads to Successful Social Media Promotions

More and more people prefer their mobile phones more than their personal computers. Since smartphones and tablets are easier on-the-go than a laptop computer, it is more likely that people would want to make business transactions using these devices. With that said, a mobile website for your business would allow you to reach out to… Read More

Official Branding Gurus in 2015

Global Gurus Top 30 2015

When Global Gurus announced the World’s Top 30 Brand Professionals for 2015, the consulting industry took notice. The research organization has 11 Global Guru categories, including leadership, management, coaching and brand. The award has real meaning because the many people honored are selected by an independent group of judges who assess whether award nominees meet… Read More

How to effectively reach your brand target audience

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BRAND DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS For any business to have a successful foundation, they need to establish a solid brand. The brand is the face of the company, and when it is well structured, it not only goes a long way in attracting a loyal customer base, it also enhances the business chances of maximizing on profits…. Read More

Looking to the future – Marketing In 2020


Marketing in 2020 will be different from today’s marketing. More trending issues have arisen in the business sector that creates a significant change in market structure. The best outcome in the commercialization 2020 will be achieved by having a good starting position. The starting position will take a decisive role in ensuring the success of… Read More

3 Pieces of Branding Audio Every Business Should be Using in Their Marketing


With the popularity of video marketing on the constant rise, one category of effective, engaging content often gets overlooked: audio. For both online and traditional marketing channels, if you’re ignoring audio’s potential to build your brand, you’re missing out on an important way to speak directly to your customers, clients and prospects. But just as… Read More

Should You be Looking for Advertising Agencies In Oregon

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The Benefits Of Using An Advertising Agency In most cases, people usually think of advertising firms as handling expensive and large ad campaigns for big brands. The truth is that most advertising companies make their money by placing and running small ad campaigns in local media. Do you know that advertising companies can benefit any… Read More

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Local Brand Awareness


Advertising has become one of the most used ways of attracting customers to encourage high sales. This is because, without advertising and letting the public know about your brand better will eventually cause low volumes of sales triggered by sparse buyers turn out. It will all depend on how you present your brand that will… Read More

Why Hire an Email Marketing Agency?


Before considering whether or not you need an email marketing agency, let’s first take a look at what they do. In simplest terms, email marketing happens whenever a company sends out a commercial message via email. These messages are requests for business, sales letters, solicitations, or just advertisements. The idea is that they’re using email… Read More