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What Every Business Ought to Know About a Marketing Agency


Businesses that use a marketing agency will realize a number of advantages that will give them a leg up on their competitors. In the cutthroat world of modern business, your company needs every advantage it can gain in order to thrive. The companies that are able to find these edges are the ones who will be able to gain the largest market shares. If you are thinking about hiring a marketing agency, here is a look at the ways that it will help your company to grow. Save Time and Effort One of the worst things about trying to do in-house ... Read More

Mobile Search-Palooza Begins April 21, 2015

Changes Coming to Google Mobile Search

Mobile Search-Palooza is coming to Google Search.  So the question you have to ask yourself, “Is our website a mobile or responsive site?” If not, then beginning April 21st you’re going to find it a lot more difficult to rank on Google mobile searches. Google announced algorithm updates that will have a “significant impact” on mobile search results. The update improves rankings for sites that provide a mobile-friendly experience to searchers on mobile devices, and, by association, penalizes sites that do not. "Google announced algorithm updates ... Read More

We’re Looking for a Graphic Designer to Add to Our Team


Our new graphic designer position will be responsible for conceptualization and implementation of design of solutions that meet marketing strategies from concept to completion. With art direction, the graphic designer position will create concepts, comps, layouts, and final art. Representative Duties and Responsibilities Design and produce marketing communications (print and digital) pieces including, individual piece designs for a wide variety of clients. (75%) Collaborate with account executive, senior graphic designer, creative team, and ... Read More

Wondering How To Make Your Graphic Design In Medford Oregon Rock? Read This!


The quality of your graphic design says a lot about your company. Your logo, corporate identity and the look and feel of your advertisements can mean the difference between a successful Oregon business and an organization that is failing fast. If you're not happy with your graphic design or you just founded a company and need a great brand identity and a top notch graphic design Medford Oregon consultant that helps you stand out from your competition, read the following graphic design guide that will help you create a fail-proof branding and ... Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Milestone

St. Patrick's Day 2015

First off, happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope you're all enjoying the annual "wearin' o' the GREEN." As you can guess, we take our green seriously and are all ducked out today in our greens. While it may not be the pot at the end of the rainbow, we were excited to see that in March, we surpassed 1,200 blog posts on our website. When Mike and Tisha started blogging, they never imagined that could be host to 50 blog posts, much less 1,200 blog posts. They struggled, just as we know a lot of our readers do, with simply getting one ... Read More

Facebook “Likes” Why You May Have Lost Some Likes Last Week


As Page Administrators you may begin to see this message, "We've recently updated the way we measure how many people like your Page..." Facebook is on a mission to remove inactive or fake accounts that have liked your Page. What IS accurate and you can take from this is that you may see a small drop in your total Page Likes that  started on Thursday  because Facebook is removing two types of accounts from your fan count: memorialized accounts and voluntarily deactivated accounts. This is actually good news - as Facebook states in the official ... Read More

You, Me And Brand Perception: The Truth


Let's face it -- what you see isn't always what you get. Case in point, the recent internet sensation: "the dress." You may have had to be in the desert - without any electricity, to have missed the picture of the dress, that to some appeared blue/black and to some appeared gold/white. Personally, I thought it was a hoax until I showed the (to me) obviously blue/black dress picture to Mike and asked him what color he thought it was. When he answered "gold/white," I was stunned. Well, truly, I thought he had seen the stir on the internet and ... Read More

Top 3 Reasons Why you Should Be Blogging Every Week

to blog or not to blog

Ok I know what you are thinking, "How can I possibly be blogging every week?" Often when I talk to business owners about their blogs they know that they should be blogging, but the other tasks on their ever growing to do list seem more urgent so they get priority. I wanted to share with you the three main reasons that you should be blogging every week to give you a little motivation! Number one, The Robots are Watching!! When you first get started writing your blog, you may feel a little discouraged because you know that the only one ... Read More