What are the best books and articles about brandtelling, brand and storytelling, branded contents?

A technique known as brandtelling is growing in popularity for brand storytelling. Here are some of the best books and tips to get started.

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books and articles about brandtellingIn today’s very competitive business world, it’s harder and harder to get people’s attention and trust. One of the best ways to do so is by using a technique known as brandtelling, which has grown in popularity. Using the personal touch of storytelling to attract customers, it’s a marketing strategy that is resulting in better and better results for businesses of all types. However, for many businesses finding information about this topic can be difficult.  To find out about the best books for brandtelling and other related areas, here are some that have proven to be valuable sources of information about the subject.

Where to Start Brandtelling?

best books and articles about brandtellingWell, if you are here, and already a fan of Paradux, you might start with Finding Brand: A Step by Step Guide to Intentionally Creating Your Brand written by our very own Tisha Oehmen. This is a great book to help you start your brand journey by building it from the ground up. If you already have the basics of your brand, the Rubber Duckie Brand book example will give you the tools you need to implement your brand across your business consistently.

The Power of the Story

brandtellingWhat many businesses have found out is that the power of the story can be very influential in determining just how many customers come their way. To help with this, one of the most popular books used by business owners is Tell to Win by Peter Guber. Focusing on the hidden power of story, this book shows businesses how to connect, persuade, and triumph when dealing with customers in a variety of situations. Along with this book, another popular book dealing with brandtelling is The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno Bettelheim. A popular book for many years, it incorporates how the meaning and importance of traditional fairy tales can in fact be used to attract customers to a business.

Modern Marketing

While today’s business world seems to rely more and more on technology, it’s still a fact that all marketers for businesses tell stories on some level. One of the best books discussing this topic is The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Volger, which is considered a classic in the field. Another book that has shed much insight on this topic is All Marketers Tell Stories by Seth Godin, which is considered an underground classic that’s been read by numerous business professionals over the years. Focusing on marketing authenticity, this book offers specific examples of how brandtelling has resulted in numerous stories of success.

A Way to Connect People

Perhaps most of all, these books and articles are a way to connect people when it comes to understanding how stories that are real and relevant can in fact help them make decisions as to which business to use for various products or services. By reading these and other books, the concept of brandtelling will become much clearer and be better able to be used in a variety of situations.

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