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Digital Signage is an important part of the communication medium. Well written content transforms digital signage from mere displays to a dynamic

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Digital Signage is an important part of the communication medium.  Well written content transforms digital signage from mere displays to a dynamic communications medium with an ability to inform, inspire and motivate that is unsurpassed.

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Given below are Five tips on how to conceive and write successful digital content. They include :

  1. Lead any and all content considerations with the brand. Follow the goals, initiatives, and objectives of the brand.  Only then will it be possible to strategize and create dynamic content for communicating the brand promise.
  2. Think outside of the box.: Every campaign begins with a blank digital canvas with the methods used to execute the vision for the campaign being only limited by our imagination. Technology has redefined the way we communicate, and this has impacted signage also.
  3. It is very important to know your audience. Not being understood by your audience is a very real pitfall and can derail a well-executed campaign.
  4. Remember, to be brief and to the point. An innovative, clean and easy-to-read approach is the hallmark of a good campaign. Images should be arresting, text should be concise and pause times should give audiences enough time to absorb without losing interest
  5. We have become an instant gratification society, hence it is very important to do your homework. Spend time to research styles, trends and designs. Get to know what is currently getting attention and the methods that are being used to do it. For digital signage, a great place to start is Times Square in New York city

Digital signage technology can be highly effective in communicating a message, but if it is not well conceived and well executed content, it will  not only fail to achieve the desired result but it will diminish people’s perception of the business, organisation or institution using the technology. When it comes to digital signage the phrase “Content is King!” is so precise.  Content is most important for making sure your digital signage is successful. Without the right content, properly presented and thoughtfully executed, digital signage software, players and monitors might as well not even be taken out of the box. That’s a pretty bold statement for someone whose livelihood depends on the sale of the digital signage technology, but it’s the truth.

Digital signage is a communications medium -just like television, newspapers, radio and magazines. For it to be effective, it needs to communicate something – news, information, marketing messages, ads, directions, greetings etc. If it does not communicate, it is a failure.The same thing is true for all other kinds of media too –  a publisher of a newspaper or magazine or the owner of a radio or television station would not be able to stay in business if their medium failed to communicate..

Keeping all five of  tips in mind while developing creative dynamic content , will go a long way in ensuring that the message delivered communicates what it is intended to do, in a fresh engaging manner consistent with the larger promise of the brand.


Greg Sterling

Greg Sterling writes a blog on ArtDigitalTech, about Booklet printing, Digital Signage and connecting the dots between online and offline. He can be found on Facebook and microblogs on Twitter as @ArtDigitalTech

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  1. Jeff Weller says

    Sometimes, images and pictures speak louder than words. This is what digital signages convey. The most amazing thing is their presentations and softwares that show very interesting stuff.

  2. Veronica says

    Digital signage you say? Well, I’ve seen one in the local subway. I think they are very interesting , and a new idea to spread information or awareness to people. It’s one of the most effective tool of advertising and spreading word these days since most people just don’t have the time to read paragraphs or articles.

  3. Joy says

    I think these signs will work wonders for communication if placed in the right places. Simple and direct advertising. That’s what it is.

  4. Emilia says

    We have a LED board just outside our village and it’s crazy. It was placed just beside the gate where cars pass by so when the screen changes or flashes you’re blinded by intense light that you can’t see if you’re about to hit another car. It’s a blinding machine of death.

  5. Calra says

    This is a great way to advertist. Unlike print boards this is eco friendly and easy to use. I wouldn’t mind getting an ad done on these babies. They’re awesome.

  6. Communication images says

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  7. Communication images says

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