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Effective Branding – Creating Compelling Product Identity

A product does not succeed well without a strong brand. A brand acts like an identity for your product, read these tips to create a strong brand.

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A product does not succeed well without a strong brand. A brand acts like an identity for your product, which customers may find either attractive or ineffective. Making sure you create a brand with a strong potential to become popular is important. But how do you do that?

Successful brands start with a story that their target customers can identify with. Take Oreo, for example. It became popular for its TV ad that shows a little boy teaching his father how to twist, lick, and dunk. This image resonated with many kids who would excitedly ask their parents for Oreos.  If you want to elicit the same effect for your business, you need to create a story that effectively establishes your brand and engages your target audience at the same time.

A Good Story Fosters a Strong Connection

Customers feel more connected to a brand that tells a story they can relate. Many companies have successfully applied a storytelling strategy that made their products popular in today’s market. Take a look at how Nestlé, Kraft, and other conglomerates advertise their products. They use stories that reach out to people and highlight the key selling points of their products at the same time. This makes their brands stand out and create a lasting impression to their target audiences.

Creating a Compelling Story for Your Brand

A strong brand starts with an image that your audience positively responds to. It can either show your product as a useful solution or an item that they must try for themselves. If you want to elicit a specific response from your audience, consulting an advertising agency helps. They will help you come up with ideas on how to sell your products more effectively. If your products do not have a key selling point, they can help you come up with one or make sure your upcoming products have one.

Go Back to Your Roots and Tell Your Company’s Story

finding-brand-book-seriesThink back on the times when you just started your company. What made you think that prospective customers will find your product functional, fun, or fantastic? Looking back will help you find an effective way to tell how your company came to be. If you cannot trace your company’s roots, you can always consult an agency that will allow you to ‘re-imagine’ your story and re-establish your brand. This will give your business a fresh image and make your brand interesting for a wider audience.

If you need help writing your company’s story or even finding its voice, Paradux Media Group can help. We will help you tell your story and make sure the right audiences know about it. Call us today or request an appointment to discuss your products with our staff.

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