Simple Ways to Increase Your Exposure on Facebook

Here are a few easy ideas from our team that you can implement today to start increasing your Facebook exposure for your business.

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According to, 74% of social media traffic is on Facebook, and Internet users between the ages of 16 to 64 spend nearly two and a half hours each day on social media.   Facebook is an ideal medium for small and local businesses to increase their customer base and achieve brand loyalty.  However, it is no longer a “build it and they will come” marketing solution.

Making your Facebook presence successful requires strategy, but there are some very simple ways any business owner can get started.  Here are a few easy ideas from our team at Paradux Media Group you can implement today to start gaining more Facebook exposure today:

  1. Consider why you are on Facebook. Are you trying to increase the visibility of your small business to a wider market?  Do you have products you want to highlight?  Has your company gone through changes your clients should know about?  Your answers to this question are foundational to setting the direction for your Facebook posts.
  2. Be human. Although Facebook has gone through many iterations over the years, it’s infamous “algorithm” that controls how widely (or not) your post is shared still prioritizes posts that meet Zuckerberg’s original vision: “Facebook is about real connections to actual friends, so the stories coming in are of interest to the people receiving them, since they are significant to the person creating them.” Successful posts on Facebook highlight the human aspect behind businesses—your team, your clients, your community involvement.  Additionally, Facebook loves faces and shares posts that include pictures of people more widely.
  1. facebook exposureFacebook measures how interesting your post is by the amount of engagement it creates.  Meaningful posts that create conversation are shared more widely.  Include your viewers by asking questions and allowing comments.  Reply to every comment posted with a genuine and original response.  Every time you respond to a comment, Facebook sees an increase in engagement, and your post (and those posts you make soon thereafter) will be more widely shared.
  2. Facebook exposure is about creating community, and to have a community you need to create conversation routinely.  Schedule time daily or every few days to post something meaningful on Facebook.  Avoid third-party post-automation software because Facebook detects it and lowers the “algorithm score” for your post.
  3. Provide Content People Want. When you share valuable information, people are more likely to engage and share your post on their personal feeds. Share articles from your website’s blog.  Provide interesting education related to your business’s industry.  Post relevant tools or calculators readers will find useful.

Need help?

Could you use some help to gain more traction through social media?  Our marketing team at Paradux Media Group can provide you with the guidance you need from defining your brand, to creating content and producing high-quality videos.  Simply contact us today, and let’s talk about how to make your business more successful.

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