How to Get 1,000 Views Every Day – Increase Your Traffic Now!

As we know, there are three ways to access a website: directly enter the address (URL) in a browser, use a search engine or surf from link to link.

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As we know, there are three ways to access a website: directly enter the address (URL) in a browser, use a search engine or surf from link to link. To increase traffic to your website, you need to facilitate better either (or all) of these approaches. Concretely, you must communicate as widely as possible the address of your site, optimize your placement in search engines and a maximum spread of links on the web. In this article you will find the main tips that will show you: How to Get 1,000 Views Every Day – Increase Your Traffic Now! Online contact, the Internet is a space for dialogue. Forums, personal websites, blogs … are many places where it is possible to provide the address of your site.

The link exchange is a technique commonly used by webmasters. Targeting sites with a hearing in accordance with your target, you will ensure qualified traffic. This applies even if you want to buy advertising space on a website or newsletter. Also, be aware that viral marketing is not the preserve of big budgets. Consider integrating the “Send to a friend” on your website and e-mails (or e-cards) that you send. E-mailing to communicate cost effectively while targeting. Think about it.

Indexing: The Key to SEO

SEO is generating targeted traffic. In this sense, the proper indexing of your site by search engines is essential. This is based on a complex alchemy and to optimize, it is important to follow certain rules. First, note that the method of manufacture of its pages directly affect indexing. For example, it is often much more complicated reference dynamic pages relative to static HTML pages.

We can overcome these weaknesses then using indexing techniques (Trusted Feed, URL rewriting …) but, ideally, SEO should be prepared at the time of site design. Thus, for search engines you correctly reference, it is important to inform the header of each page and your Meta tags (keywords, description). It is also recommended to limit the number of frames (frames) in the design of your site.

The Content

Deal with issues related to the interests of your target market is the best way to attract. Offering articles on specific topics and indexing your care, your site will be returned by the search engines when you will type a query in relation to these issues. This is why we should not hesitate to treat subjects popular among your target and use synonyms to increase your chances of outputs on the search engines. You should always put yourself in the place of the Internet, targeting applications that may enter in the search engines, offer relevant content and make it visible by these engines.

Updating and animation to your site are also prerequisites for success. To motivate the visitor to return, you should always create the event. Contests, newsletter, posted new content …, animating your site. In addition, in the case of registration (a news or a game), you can build a profile of your users and even ask them about their interests; useful information to develop your content.

Analyze your results

Current tracking techniques to analyze how people use your site (number of pages viewed, time login, CTR …). There are statistical tools (sometimes free as Xiti) to know how users come to your site (keyword seized engine, direct access, Adwords clicks, e-mails, direct links …). All these statistics allow you to better understand the uses of the Internet and therefore better attract them.


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