Online Branding: Tips from the Pros that Help Companies Like Coca-Cola Succeed

Brands like Coca-Cola know that online branding requires a different approach in the digital world. Here are some tips to help your business.

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Big brands Coca-Cola and Nike have always used traditional media like print, TV, and radio to drive their branding campaigns. But the same rules that help them win in offline channels don’t apply to the digital world. Some brands fall flat when it comes to making the transition online, but brands like Coca-Cola know that online branding requires a different approach and have as much of an impact, if not more on the Internet.

How the Pros Set Up Coca Cola’s Branding Strategy

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Instead of trying something different in the digital world, they stay true to who they are. The team behind Coca Cola’s branding strategy makes sure that they use a consistent presentation and approach across all their platforms whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Snapchat.

The signature brand logos, designs, and colors are always present. When the company is promoting an event or aligned with a movement, they make sure that this is the case in all their online channels. During the World’s Cup, the company has made sure to market their partnership with the event on all their social media profiles.

Using Social Media for Online Branding

online branding tips from the pros that help companies like Coca-Cola succeedCoca-Cola uses social media in a completely different manner than most other brands. Instead of pushing out content on a consistent basis, they emphasized engaging their audience. On their Twitter channel, more than 80% of their tweets replied to other users mentioning them.

Coca-Cola also uses partnerships to maximize their reach and build a stronger brand affinity with their fans. You can see posts that feature celebrities, sponsorships with various organizations, and even collaborations with social media influencers. This allows the company to leverage relationships and engage users they may have never been able to reach directly.

Other brands like Lego and Sharpie take it one step further and get their audience to share their creative work. Their fans are always posting and sharing their creative based on their products. This not only helps create a relationship and community with their fans, but it also provides them with user-generated content that can be used to generate more social media traffic and engagement.

Creative Content is the Name of the Game

Companies like GoPro know how crucial it is to wow their fans with their content. They are always coming up with branded content that’s entertaining and also features their products being used. One video shows a first-person view of a dog running to the beach while another features a recorded run of a professional dirt bike racer. The videos embody feelings of adventure, adrenaline, wonder, excitement, and fun.

Dove has built a powerful brand built on their social commentary. Their campaign for real beauty has resulted in tens of millions of views on YouTube. One video asks women to describe how they look so that a sketch artist can come up with their drawing. The sketch artist also comes up with a drawing based on how others have described the same women. The sketch-based on other people’s descriptions always shows a more beautiful version of the women, reminding them that they’re more beautiful than they think.

What Can YOU Take Away from These Brands?

These brands have built a solid online branding campaign by being on all the major channels, interacting with their fans, engaging new audiences and coming up with creative content. Is there anything you can take away from their strategies? Use these examples to inspire ideas on how you can establish your brand in the digital world. For more information on how you can create a robust marketing campaign contact Paradux Media Group.

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