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Let’s face it, marketing can be hard! In each marketing blog post, we hope you’ll find the information you need for your business marketing success.


A Savvy Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising in 2014

We are so excited to be presenting to small business entrepreneurs this morning at the Oregon Employer Council in Medford! This is a very special three hour event, presented in partnership with Southern Oregon University’s Small Business Development Center. We so excited to bring you an information-packed seminar showing you how to use Traditional Media, and Online… Read More


5 Insane (but true) Things About Marketing for Small Business

Marketing for Small Business is not for the feint of heart. As any small business owner knows, there are so many competing demands for your time and attention, that marketing your business often falls to the bottom of your list — although rightfully it should be the highest item on the list. Here are 5… Read More

USIEC-Excellence in Marketing Award

Paradux Media Group receives 2013 Oregon Excellence Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Paradux Media Group has been selected for the 2013 Oregon Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce (USIEC). Each year the USIEC conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry… Read More

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How To Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problem

Let’s face it, we all have marketing problems. But what if you could solve your biggest problem with little effort and little cost? Would you be interested? Of course you would. That’s just good business sense. Now, what if I told you the single biggest marketing problem you have is something MOST businesses suffer from,… Read More

Establish a Formidable Online Presence With the Right Custom Web Design

Establish a Formidable Online Presence With the Right Custom Web Design

With more and more Americans using the Internet to get the information they need, it is imperative that businesses establish formidable online presences so that they can better interact with prospective customers. In fact, roughly 82% of adults in the country use the web consistently. An even higher percentage, about 92%, rely on search engines…. Read More


Tisha Oehmen’s Interview with Bill Meyer about Finding Brand

I had a great opportunity to sit down with Bill Meyer this morning,  on his Radio Show that airs on KMED 1440, to talk about my new book, Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial. We had a great talk about: The differences between advertising and branding. Why branding matters to businesses of all sizes – from… Read More


Press Release: Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial Hits Amazon’s Shelves Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marketing Managers, CMO’s, and Business Owners now have a reliable guide to help manage and grow their brand: Finding Brand   Eagle Point, OR. – September 4, 2013 –   Brands are defenseless.  Companies wipe their feet on them, they throw them in the trash, and they don’t have the patience to let them… Read More

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Why You Should Outsource Your B-to-B Marketing Efforts

For many companies, it’s a smart thing to outsource their b-to-b marketing efforts. Companies of all sizes and even some who have their own internal marketing departments benefit from outsourcing to a professional marketing company to help them create and get across a dynamic message. You may ask yourself what good it might do for… Read More


A Little Bit about Paradux Media Group

Who are Our Best Clients? We’re interested in working with businesses that have a clear vision of where they’re going. In our experience, business owners who have vision for where the business is going, allows us to do our very best work. The reason is that we work from a strategic basis. Everything we do… Read More


Three Steps in Creating an Effective Brand Bible

Putting together a brand bible is a tedious job. Especially if you have sub-brands, you have a lot of things to take into account. Most companies resort to just compiling definitions and technical guidelines. But a brand bible is more than just a compilation of descriptions; it narrates the story of your brand. Every company… Read More

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What the Backstory for Your Target Audience?

I was talking with a client today about who their target audience was. And while we know what the demographic information was, we don’t often consider the backstory — but the backstory is so critical and necessary to really understanding who your target audience really is. To develop the backstory, we simply start pulling the… Read More

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How To Track Direct Mail Results

What’s a “good” direct mail response? The one that reaches your stated objectives. As Steve Cuno writes at Deliver magazine, “I have seen companies launch costly campaigns without regard for such details, only to flounder about in an attempt to measure success afterward. That’s like throwing a dart nowhere in particular and then trying to… Read More