Three Steps in Creating an Effective Brand Bible

Putting together a brand bible is a tedious job. But a brand bible is more than just a compilation of descriptions; it narrates the story of your brand.

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Putting together a brand bible is a tedious job. Especially if you have sub-brands, you have a lot of things to take into account. Most companies resort to just compiling definitions and technical guidelines. But a brand bible is more than just a compilation of descriptions; it narrates the story of your brand.

Every company must have a brand bible to effectively manage its branding image. It serves to articulate the tiniest details on how to properly handle brand goals and company philosophy. The book is the summary of what your company strives to achieve. You don’t want your clients to be discouraged all because of a single piece of misinformation.

How then do you create an effective brand bible? You must:

  1. Know your roots. It pays to trace the humble beginnings of your company. It will serve as a springboard for what you are trying to achieve. It is also an effective gauge of how your company has grown over the years. Interested clients, on the other hand, can at least understand where your company is coming from and set their own expectations.
  2. Design to impress. Good first impressions can help your brand far more than you’d expect. It carries a sense of promise to the clients that they will receive top-notch services and products. Good, intelligent designs utilize the available spaces and turn them into something that will make a lasting impression.  Colorful drawings are effective tools for sending a powerful message to your audience. If your brand bible fails to impress even your employees, it’s high time to seek an advertising company that can handle it better.
  3. Say more with fewer words. Your brand bible must be able to capture the essence of your brand in as few words as possible. Try to put only the important facts and guidelines. Better yet, write short creative lines that will highlight your brand’s strengths and pique your readers’ curiosity enough to keep them reading.

A brand bible is all about putting things into the right perspective. Let others see your brand the way you want them to. Check out our Brand Bible Tutorial Series for more information on creating a brand bible.

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