Branding in a Multi-Media World

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As I was looking for a picture to pair with my last post, Why Branding Matters for Businesses of All Sizes, I came across a photo set from Troy Thompson (Travel 2.0) on Flickr and was struck by the strong visual he created to demonstrate the implications of branding in a multi-media world.

photo credit Travel 2.0 via flickr
photo credit Travel 2.0 via flickr
photo credit Travel 2.0 via flickr
photo credit Travel 2.0 via flickr

We all know advertising (and branding) used to be easier. There were silver bullets. There were guaranteed formulas that could be executed to drive business through the door. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. The world has changed.

The reason is that there are so very many different ways to communicate with customers. And customers have so many different choices of the media they will consume. Here is just a sampling of what you already know:

  • Newspapers are out, and the Internet is in.
  • Social Clubs are out, Social Media is in.
  • Radio is out, Streaming is in.
  • Television is out, TiVo is in.
  • Movies are out Blu Ray and Streaming are in.
  • Magazines are out, Blogs are in.
  • Direct Mail is out, Email is in.

The world has gotten more complicated and today, the only common denominator for reaching customers is that there is NO common denominator. The end result is that successful businesses have to be very good at presenting themselves in a consistent and reliable manner across all channels of communication, all the time. By paying close attention to the consistency of a company’s message, that company can create and extend their brand.

Few businesses have the resources to be able to spend large quantities of money to dominate and saturate a given media channel. This ups the ante on the need for consistency for businesses of all sizes. The more consistent a business is about how they present themselves, the more successful they will be. If a company can create likeability and consistency, whether you’re fast forwarding through their commercial on TiVo, listening to their commercial on Pandora, seeing their product highlighted in a blog giveaway, or hosting a conversation on Facebook, that company can begin to win brand loyalty.

So yes, branding in a Multi-Media world is more complicated. There are far, FAR, more moving parts.

Nevertheless, the result is the same. Consistency leads to likeability. Likeability leads to loyalty. And that’s called BRANDING. Yesterday and today. Happily that rule hasn’t changed.

Tisha Oehmen

Tisha Oehmen is a professional brand strategist and a leader in the branding field. She was recently named a member of the Global Guru’s Top 30 Brand Gurus. She is also the co-founder of Oregon-based Paradux Media Group and the best-selling author of the book, Finding Brand: The Brand Book Tutorial.

Possessing expertise in both front- and back-office operations, Tisha conceptualizes, develops, and implements initiatives to foster brand effectiveness like no other. With over 15 years of experience in branding and marketing, Tisha has successfully led large financial institutions and health care companies down the path of renaming their business.

Where Tisha really shines is in the work that isn’t done. Sometimes a name change for a business isn’t in their best interest and after meeting with Tisha, they are able to find the true value and equity that has always been in their brand. Tisha has a special knack of being able to communicate the value so that the CEO/Business owner can see its luster and then with a little polishing, make it shine company wide.

Tisha is best known for developing long lasting branding campaigns that speak to the heart of the business, the brand, and the community. True brand, no matter how big or small, has longevity. Creating branding campaigns that have longevity, that have a laser-like focus, is where Tisha thrives.

Tisha received her M.B.A. from the University of Oregon, from where she also earned a B.A. in Political Science. She enjoyed a distinguished academic career punctuated by enthusiastic and successful participation in competitive speaking events, and holds numerous awards for her skill in public speaking. Tisha is widely recognized for her ability to capture an audience’s attention with her straightforward and engaging speaking style.

When not working, she enjoys golfing, baking, reading, and hiking with her partner, Mike, and their two dogs, Chloe and Jackson. She’s also an active member of Rotary International, the Chamber of Commerce, and is a very proud supporter of the Oregon Ducks. Tisha lives in Eagle Point, Oregon.

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  1. Anusha says

    In the multi media world, branding is the only way to keep the business in tunes with the latest developments and also to place the product of one’s company into the heart of the consumer. Branding is the only thing which one can do to stay abreast in the competition. Thanks for the share.

  2. marytlou says

    This is a very realistic overview of what is in and what is out. There are multiple venues for reaching the target audience and having said that one has to be more cautious and more focused with the marketing messages and the way branding is done in order to beat competition. Great share.

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