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Let’s face it, marketing can be hard! In each marketing blog post, we hope you’ll find the information you need for your business marketing success.

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Beyond the Pond Blog Named to 25 Excellent Blogs on Local Search & SEO

Congratulations to Co-Owner Mike Frey! His blog, Beyond the Pond, was just named as one of 25 Excellent Blogs on Local Search and SEO at Upcity Tips. Organic search is no longer just the domain of eCommerce and national businesses. Local search is a viable and necessary tool in any local business owner’s visibility toolkit. With the… Read More

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A Declaration of Passion

I have talked a lot throughout this blog about the power of a manifesto, why they are important, and how to draft them. However, I was talking with a client this week and I described it, for the first time, as a “Declaration of Passion.” Moreover, in that moment, the somewhat nebulous concept became clear and… Read More

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How a Creative Ad Agency Can Save You Time and Money

I don’t think that there is anyone in business today that isn’t interested in saving both time and money. Yet many small business and mid-sized businesses miss one of the single best methods for saving time and money when they fail to work with a creative ad agency. There are lots of reasons that go into… Read More

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Marketing Budget Template

It is imperative that a business proactively set a marketing budget for their business. The reason is simple, if you don’t set a budget and make a plan, you will instead make a series of small, and at the time, inconsequential  choices to promote your business that are both costly and ineffective. At the end of… Read More

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Strategic Marketing Vision

Marketing is one of those tricky fields. It bridges the gap between strategy and execution. It’s equally at home either in the Boardroom as an outgrowth of strategy, as it is in the Human Resources Suite, as a compliment to internal culture, and of course, in the Business Development group as a business acquisition plan. Strategic Marketing… Read More

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Entrepreneurialism and Launching Your New Business

Entrepreneurialism is a state mind or what you put in your mind when you are considering launching a new business. Hundreds of thousands of Americans start new businesses every year with just about as many closing down. The problem for many entrepreneurs is that they may have an idea that does not realistically consider how… Read More


SEO and Your Marketing Budget

SEO Where Does It Fit In My Marketing Plan? You’re a small business owner; you have a marketing budget but still most of your advertising endeavors are bills rather than part of a budget.  You dabble in some print advertising, and maybe you do a little radio, so how does SEO fit in? Good question…Being… Read More

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The Power of Local: SEO for Small Business

If you are running a small business and you have an online presence, chances are that you have at least heard about things like local SEO and local search directories. If this didn’t sound too familiar for you, I will clear things out. First of all, local SEO refers to the onsite and offsite actions… Read More

ESB Certificate

Emerging Small Business

We are pleased to announce that Paradux Media Group has been recognized as an emerging small business by the State of Oregon. This designation will allow Paradux Media Group to seek contracts with Emerging Small Business requirements.

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Top Ten Ways to Boost Small Business Sales

If there’s one thing that just about every small business could do with, it’s more sales. And never has this been more the case than now when even the best run businesses are finding themselves a little short on customers. Unfortunately however, boosting sales is a lot easier said than done. It’s also a goal… Read More

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Social Media Class at the Rogue Valley Business Resource Fair

We’re excited to be appearing the Rogue Valley Business Resource Fair again this year, teaching a class on how to use Social Media in your business. This is the tenth annual Rogue Valley Business Resource Fair, a free information event for small business owners and those thinking about becoming entrepreneurs. This is a special opportunity to get free… Read More

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Turn Your Brand Into A Powerhouse In 5 Simple Steps

You need to create a great brand for your business because that’s what will make you recognized among all the other companies out there. Nobody will ever remember you if you fail to deliver it. People won’t share you with their friends. You are not remarkable. At some point or other you will become forgotten,… Read More