It’s a great time for small local businesses to “Think Differently” and create campaign messages and not immediate hit and run messages.

How to create a small business campaign in Medford Oregon

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The most remembered commercials:   Outside of Apples 1984 commercial,  the most remembered commercials, are campaigns, not commercials.  National companies and big boxes, think that way, they see the benefits of the campaign while the small local business  lose patience, commitment, focus and tend re-invent their message with every traffic change in electronic media.

Campaigns:   Begin with a common theme, actors etc. they’re short stories, they’re chapters from a good book.  They have an on-going  tale that becomes familiar to all of us when we see or hear the spot…Budweiser, Geico T-Mobile,  Apple and Subway  just to name a few have all run successful campaigns.  Visiting the links will take you to the first spot of some very popular campaigns.

Large Business Thinking:   Having worked with ‘Large’ and ‘Small’ one of the differences between the two is the commitment with their decision.  When a larger businesses is looking at a campaign they look at the ideas and the concept, they buy off and make a commitment to the proper amount of time and spots necessary to create a successful campaign.

Small Business Thinking:   The small local business will believe that they commit to the campaign, but in reality most are  committed for the day but not for the time it’s going to take, they think they have the patience but a lot really don’t.

Locally:   If you were to think of the businesses that are most prominent in your area, they are more likely businesses that run campaigns, that build upon their radio and TV commercial.  It probably won’t be the companies that hit and run with every TV or Radio commercial re-thought, re-created and without building on the time and money invested on the last spot.

Marketing is investing:   Investing in your name and brand.  As a business owner build a strong foundation and then build up using the resources you used to build that strong foundation, don’t rebuild your foundation with every message.

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    Building up an campaign I think is a golden opportunity, aside from working online we can plan what to do to gain another source of income. as I have read this post it shows how we can plan for short term and long term.

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