4 Small Business Marketing Trends for 2015

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Marketing for your small business needs to be done as carefully and affordably as possible. Because of the increase in technology, it is much easier for small businesses to invest in a modern marketing campaign in 2015. Follow these trends in order to see success this year.

photo credit: Michael Coghlan via Flickr
photo credit: Michael Coghlan via Flickr

Create High Quality Content

According to Russell’s Group, content is a great way to establish your authority online. In previous years, content was used to drive traffic and gain exposure. In 2015, content will be used to establish yourself in an online community. There are several different content marketing strategies that are fairly easy for small businesses to implement.

Create Mobile Content

The number of mobile users will only increase in 2015. While some small businesses are dependent on a geo-targeted area, they need to create mobile-user friendly content that can reach people around the world. This means focusing less on localized website or business listings and more on creating mobile-friendly sites. Your responsive web design could be the key to roping in new clients on a regular basis.

Be Personal

While marketing your brand is important, it is still important to establish yourself as an authority. This involves getting involved and personal with others in your industry. While this still means asserting yourself through social media, it also means sending personalized messages to clients. Avoid impersonal advertisements and casually mention your services throughout social media.

Be Useful

As the Internet continues to grow, there is a larger demand for factual sources that people can rely on. While creating an authority website or blog is a great way to get started, your marketing campaign should go beyond that. Post useful information in online communities and be the first to answer online questions related to your industry. This will help build your brand and show potential clients that you have an extensive knowledge of your industry.

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