Finding Brand

Explore the world of branding with Tisha Oehmen’s ‘Finding Brand.’ Dive into this comprehensive blog and her two acclaimed books for expert insights, actionable advice, and a roadmap to crafting a brand that captivates and endures in the minds of your audience.

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Why Branding Matters for Businesses of All Sizes

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What the Backstory for Your Target Audience?

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5 Great Branding Articles You May Have Missed


Tips for Using Evernote in Marketing

Whois Lookup

Whois the Owner of Your Online Presence?

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Approaches to Brand Architecture

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Email List Building Techniques Influence Your Brand Reputation

writing a brand book

What is a Brand Book?

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A Declaration of Passion

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How a Creative Ad Agency Can Save You Time and Money

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Marketing Budget Template


Top 15 Finding Brand Blog Posts in 2012

brand narrative

The Power of the Brand Narrative in the Brand Book

strategic marketing vision

Strategic Marketing Vision

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5 Things You Must Do as a Brand Manager

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Being Part of It Matters

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Marketing Techniques for Brand Creation


Managed Web Hosting Matters for Business Sites — It’s Your Brand’s Reputation


3 Questions to Ask for Marketing Success