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Tisha OehmenMy name is Tisha Oehmen, and I’m the Chief Branding and Operations Officer for Paradux Media Group. I just wanted to take a second to say hello and welcome you to “The Pond” and to the Finding Brand blog. Finding Brand is dedicated to helping you improve your brand, strengthen your marketing, and find inspiration in a group of like-minded individuals.

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Why Branding Matters for Businesses of All Sizes

I was on the phone the other day with someone who told me in no uncertain terms that “branding, for most businesses, was a waste of time and money.” This person’s position was that branding was OK for companies like Xerox or Nike, but far too expensive and far too time-consuming for average businesses, who… Read More

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What the Backstory for Your Target Audience?

I was talking with a client today about who their target audience was. And while we know what the demographic information was, we don’t often consider the backstory — but the backstory is so critical and necessary to really understanding who your target audience really is. To develop the backstory, we simply start pulling the… Read More

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5 Great Branding Articles You May Have Missed

One of the most amazing (and I think interesting) things about Branding is that it’s always evolving – while the underlying principles are the same as they ever were. Branding, just like we are, is changing in response to this new world in which we live. I’ve been impressed with the some posts that have… Read More


Tips for Using Evernote in Marketing

You know how it goes, you find a great article online that has a great fact or tidbit in it. Later that week (or month) you are talking about just that article with a colleague and you want to send them the article…but here’s the rub. You have to find that article again. With so… Read More

Whois Lookup

Whois the Owner of Your Online Presence?

One of the most valuable assets your brand has is it’s online location, AKA domain name, URL, website address, or www. It’s the very identity of many businesses ( and a critical cornerstone of more traditional brick and more stores. Yet, you would be stunned about the number of businesses that are not named the legal… Read More

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Approaches to Brand Architecture

Let’s talk for a few minutes about brand and brand architecture. Brand, as we know, is a term which refers to all the externally and internally focused language, position, and imagery for a given company. At its core, a company’s brand is its reputation. How much leverage a company gets from their brand is largely… Read More

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Email List Building Techniques Influence Your Brand Reputation

OK, confession first — because we work hard to build legitimate double-opt-in lists for our business and our clients, I’m more militant about this than the average person might be, but…aren’t you as sick as I am of getting spam email that you never asked for, doesn’t enrich your life, and just wastes your time?… Read More

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What is a Brand Book?

What is a Brand Book? Why do I need a Brand Book? What goes into a Brand Book? All of these are legitimate questions that many marketers struggle with. At its core, a Brand Book is an integral element to a well-functioning brand. It’s about articulating the elements of your brand in a concise and… Read More

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A Declaration of Passion

I have talked a lot throughout this blog about the power of a manifesto, why they are important, and how to draft them. However, I was talking with a client this week and I described it, for the first time, as a “Declaration of Passion.” Moreover, in that moment, the somewhat nebulous concept became clear and… Read More

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How a Creative Ad Agency Can Save You Time and Money

I don’t think that there is anyone in business today that isn’t interested in saving both time and money. Yet many small business and mid-sized businesses miss one of the single best methods for saving time and money when they fail to work with a creative ad agency. There are lots of reasons that go into… Read More

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Marketing Budget Template

It is imperative that a business proactively set a marketing budget for their business. The reason is simple, if you don’t set a budget and make a plan, you will instead make a series of small, and at the time, inconsequential  choices to promote your business that are both costly and ineffective. At the end of… Read More


Top 15 Finding Brand Blog Posts in 2012

I have a confession to make, somehow I blinked and January was G-O-N-E! Has that ever happened to you? I had intended to do another recap of the most popular blog posts on the Finding Brand Blog in early January. But, it appears that ship has sailed. So, a month late, here’s the annual recap… Read More

brand narrative

The Power of the Brand Narrative in the Brand Book

There is considerable power in a brand narrative, as a brand building strategy for aligning stakeholders and creating consistent messaging. In my experience, a good brand narrative is the superior force multiplier – and storytelling branding is profoundly influential. This is because people naturally want to be part of something bigger, they want to matter,… Read More

strategic marketing vision

Strategic Marketing Vision

Marketing is one of those tricky fields. It bridges the gap between strategy and execution. It’s equally at home either in the Boardroom as an outgrowth of strategy, as it is in the Human Resources Suite, as a compliment to internal culture, and of course, in the Business Development group as a business acquisition plan. Strategic Marketing… Read More

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5 Things You Must Do as a Brand Manager

Being a Brand Manager in today’s world isn’t easy. But it’s one of the most important jobs that exists in the Marketing Department — if not the Company. The reason is, the Brand Manager is the first and last line of defense for the brand. To successfully fulfill your duties as Brand Manager, these are… Read More

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Being Part of It Matters

Ever notice how there’s something special that happens during a live show, something that simply can’t be bottled and captured? How you just “had to be there”? That’s because, as humans, we want to be part of something special, part of a story, a narrative. And being at a live show represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… Read More

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Marketing Techniques for Brand Creation

In today’s world, a brand is created through the careful execution of marketing techniques. Those marketing techniques incorporate both online and offline tactics designed to increase word of mouth, reputation, and buzz. Right now, we are about to enter the season where many of the national brands execute marketing techniques they have been planning and strategizing for… Read More


Managed Web Hosting Matters for Business Sites — It’s Your Brand’s Reputation

When we think about marketing — the first, and last thought should be your website, your website should be the place your marketing starts. The place you convert a prospect to a sale. Yet so many business owners I talk with don’t have managed web hosting. They  hate their website hosting provider, can’t reach them,… Read More


3 Questions to Ask for Marketing Success

Internal politics are often the bane of any Marketing Manager’s existence.  There is always a strong undercurrent at most marketing conferences where Marketing Managers try to figure out how to get a “seat at the table”. If you are in that category — you need to read Nirmalya Kumar’s book, Marketing as Strategy.  It attacks the marketing framework from… Read More