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Explore the world of branding with Tisha Oehmen’s ‘Finding Brand.’ Dive into this comprehensive blog and her two acclaimed books for expert insights, actionable advice, and a roadmap to crafting a brand that captivates and endures in the minds of your audience.


Your Sales Funnel is then #1 Reason You Don’t Have More Clients!

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Let’s talk Vision and Mission for a Moment

Choosing Your Target Audience   Paradux Media Group

Choosing Your Target Audience

Social Media Privacy and Advertising

Social Media Privacy and Advertising


5 Days to Kick Start Your Consultancy Business

brand books examples

Brand Books Examples – Vote for Your Favorite!

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Promotional Calendar Template [VIDEO]

brand narrative

What is a Brand Narrative?

best brand book examples

Best Brand Book Examples List


5 Insane (but true) Things About Marketing for Small Business


Brand Once, Brand Twice: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Brand Thrice

marketing problem = focus

How To Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problem

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The Scarecrow – Chipotle’s Brilliant Branding Commercial


Tisha Oehmen’s Interview with Bill Meyer about Finding Brand

URI Cover Scan

Upper Rogue Independent: Local Author Writes ‘Finding Brand’


150th Finding Brand Post and a Big Announcement!


Sugary-Sweet or Saccharine? Sugarpova and Vanilla Air

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Branding in a Multi-Media World