Let’s talk for a minute about leads and the sales funnel. We all get leads, but it’s what we do with them that matters (AKA do you have a sales funnel?). How well are we following up on them? How well are we creating a relationship with them?

The reality is that the first time a lead come into our orbit, they may not have the confidence in us to buy immediately. They need to feel like there is a relationship in place first. What that means is that you have to create and maintain a relationship with your leads from your first contact with them. Over time, that relationship will result in your first sale (YAY!). Your Sales Funnel doesn’t stop there, though, it’s just beginning. Your next step is to move them from the first product they bought, into another (bigger) product, and so on and so on.

Often, we see the first product sale as a product that’s relatively inexpensive and a good starting place. It’s something that solves a very real point of pain that your prospect is experiencing (something that’s keeping them up at night).

Your Sales Funnel Should Be about Relationship Building

The entire success of your sales funnel will be determined by how well you’ve constructed your system. Your goal is to ensure that every lead moves through the relationship building phase to need identification and ultimately purchasing.

sales-funnelA great first step to maximizing your sales funnel is to create that system for one customer. Make sure that you use your system with every lead you get from here on out. Refine it, add to it, and continually make it better. It can be as high tech or low as you want. Just make sure you’re creating a system. You can use something like MailChimp to automate some of the email systems. But be sure to build a multi-channel approach to be most effective. You’ll need to include phone calls and in-person/virtual meetings to help you move the lead to the next level of the funnel.

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