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Why Is Social Media Content Important?

If you own or manage a business anywhere in southern Oregon, then your business needs to be generating social media content.

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If you own or manage a business anywhere in southern Oregon, then your business needs to be generating social media content. If not, then your business is going to seriously lag behind the competition. Here are some points that you need to consider.

Social Media Use in Southern Oregon

Why is Social Media Content ImportantThere are approximately 2.46 billion people on social media worldwide. About 71 percent of all Americans have at least one social media account. Therefore, one can assume that over 91,000 people in Southern Oregon are on social media with about 27,000 of them living in Grants Pass, 6,000 living in Eagle Point, and 58,800 of them living in Medford. If your company is not there, you are giving up the chance of reaching those customers on social media.

Use Facebook

There are over 50 million businesses with their own business page, and over 2 million businesses advertise on Facebook. There is no doubt that you should be one of them. Make sure to carry through with your plans as 20 percent of all pages viewed on the internet are on Facebook.

Share Unusual Southern Oregon Weather

A study done by Carter and Marketo found that images of unusual weather events were some of the most shared content on the platform. Since Southern Oregon is known for its ever-changing weather, it is easy to capture pictures of our weather to share.

Use the Best Titles and Descriptions

A study conducted by Jeff Bullas found that posts containing more than 80 characters had 88 percent more engagement. Finally, according to Ambassador, 71 percent of customers who have a great customer service experience with your store, then they are likely to brag about it on Facebook to their friends.

Employ Instagram

The many artsy towns found in Southern Oregon makes it perfect for Instagram, and this platform is the fastest growing platform. This platform is rapidly changing allowing businesses to post things that have not been allowed on Instagram before including possibly hour-long videos.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Really watch your Instagram content take off by becoming an Instagram influencer with our help. Try to share content related to your business in many different genres including food, travel and fashion to build your following as Instagram shows content related to the genre that they think will interest your customer the most first in your feed.

While Facebook and Instagram are certainly not the only two social media platforms where Southern Oregon businesses need to be found, having a presence there is very important. Contact us today to help you build your business on social media.

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