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Paradux Media Group is a Digital Marketing Company. Digital marketing is playing an increasingly significant roll in today’s world for any company in their marketing strategy. So much so, that many of the companies we talk with have decided to skip television, newspaper, radio ads, and direct mail for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a custom web design, organic SEO, pay per click (PPC), directory listing, and email campaigns. But the correct mix of traditional marketing services and digital marketing services varies by business. It is affected by their business goals, customer demographic, and marketing budget.

Digital Marketing Services Provide Significant Rewards for eCommerce and National Companies Alike

The reality of today’s digital services particularly significant for business in eCommerce, or company’s able to sell their products/services nationwide. In these cases, internet marketing services are usually the most efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies available.

Digital Marketing Company Services Are Good for Local Businesses Too

Ducking InInternet marketing services also create a significant reward for local businesses. Today, almost no one uses the yellow pages. What do they use instead? Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Word of mouth advertising is accelerated through social media. And a significant portion of American’s won’t buy from a brand that they can’t find on the internet. Websites have become the vital hub for all things business related. It needs to be your landing page for a sale, the repository for your company history, the place to share your philosophy, and the place people can learn about your products/services without stepping foot in your storefront.

At Paradux Media Group, we understand that traditional marketing services have been, and will continue to be, critical elements for any business. But digital marketing services are here to stay. And that’s why we integrate digital marketing strategy into everything we do. Whether you’re looking for organic SEO, social media management and consulting, website development, or other digital marketing services, we can help.

Paradux Media Group

We are Paradux Media Group, and we are not your regular ad agency. We are a unique combination of strategists, planners, designers, and writers. We are the people you call to launch a brand. To create a promotion. Or to put you on the first page of Google. Specializing in advertising, branding, website design, and social media management, Paradux Media Group gives you the integrated resources you need in today’s changing business environment.

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