Social media is changing and growing to match the trends of new technology and New social networks are being created constantly. If you think that social media is necessary for you and your business, then it is important to follow the latest trends.

social-media-marketingHere are the latest trends of social media marketing for 2013. Now it is all about mobile, location and personalization.

  1. Social everything: Social media is a place where the people spend most of their day time. If the site, they are visiting is not a social networking site, then the site which they visit will be connected to social sharing buttons. Social technologies will be at the heart of online business environment. Social media marketing will make a great shift to context based personalization of marketing messages.
  1. Social commerce: Social media is influencing more sales. Almost 70% of the consumers listen to the music by an artist, when it is posted on social networking sites to his friends and in this way it spreads like a virus. One of the key drivers in buying decision is the responses in the form of ratings, comments and reviews. Social media allows the users to know about the real user experience before making any decision to purchase the products.
  1. Mobile everything: The year 2012 is the break through year for mobile and it will strengthen in 2013. the usage of Social media on mobile devices is growing rapidly. So, mobile devices are becoming a great source to browse social media sites and internet. People are expecting mobile versions of the website to view the sites effectively. Therefore, it has become important for every business or company to create a mobile website which is well integrated with social networks, allowing your visitors to share and engage more.
  1. Integration of social media with other online marketing trends: Creating connection of social media with other online marketing strategies will bring you better results for the same budget. The major challenge for the marketers is to find the ways to engage  the customers, so that they would share more. If you want to tailor the social experience, then it is important that you should understand the consumer behavior, location and social graph. The integration of social media with other online marketing will result in better targeting, spending less amount and get better results by being visible to lots of customers who are interested.
  1. Videos, images and instant gratification:  Video content will grow or boom. The content audience would like in video must be simple and meaningful and should be easy to follow videos, that is maximum 100 sec. This type of videos will engage people and insists them to take the next step; like its sharing. Besides videos, infographics and images are also growing. Infographics are also one of the fastest growing content that is liked and shared by the people. Infographics are appealing to eyes and have easily digestible information. These short and concentrated pieces of content will engage the audiences quickly at the initial stages.

Summary: Social media marketing has increased a lot this year and is still increasing. Therefore, it is important for every business or company to have strong presence on social media sites and integrate it with other online marketing strategies.

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