Social Media Marketing Needs More Social and Less Marketing

Marketing is more important than the social aspect. So, why does social media marketing need more of social and less of marketing?

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To many people, marketing is more important than the social aspect of the social media. However, the truth is that it is important not to ignore the needs and the requirements of your customers. So, why does social-media marketing need more of social and less of marketing?

Social Media is not just a job description

While handling your social media campaigns, you need to remember to add a social touch to it, since every person, even a customer is eventually a person. Therefore, you need to cater to the social aspect of the social media rather than just applying the marketing strategies on them.

Where is the Leadership?

We are all aware that some change is coming to our lives, but are we really ready for it? You would need to consider whether you really need a content marketing strategist or whether you can yourself handle your social media before putting up your social media campaign.

Is Content marketing the answer?

No matter what, any content marketing strategy is eventually about your customers. It is greater than the roles in traditional marketing and goes well beyond the traditional organization skills in companies that cater to the business to business customers and the regular customers. At the end of the day, you should be able to get to know your customers and your customers will be able to get to know your brand better.

Sharing is caring

In times, where marketing messages do not really work any longer, it is imperative to get across to your customers by appealing to their social side through the various social media. If you empathize with your customers and share more of your knowledge with them, they can also empathize with you and this will help you build your brand better. When you understand your customers better, they will also understand you better and spread the word about your brand and your products.

Social Media Marketing Builds trust

When you appeal to the social aspect of your customers using the variegated social media, you can also form better bonds with them. This will help you build trust in your brand better and will also improve the chances of your brand being recognized by more people. If you want your social media strategy to last long, then you must be social first.

Helps build bonds

photo credit Will Evans via Flickr
photo credit Will Evans via Flickr

When you are being social, it does not mean you must make a small talk with your customers about the weather or otherwise, but it means that you have to start a dialog with them. When you start a dialog with your customers, this will help build better bonds and create more long-term customers. The content of your dialogs with your customers should be relevant to your brand or product. This will bring in more commenters, who would interact with you on a regular basis. Make sure you appeal to their social side while doing so and make sure you do not post anything that is irrelevant to your product or your brand.

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