Facebook Changes In 2012 And What They Mean

Facebook makes changes all the time, sometimes subtle changes that barely register with people to big changes. Some stay for a while some not long at all..

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Changes In How We Use Facebook:

Facebook makes changes all the time, sometimes subtle changes that barely register with people sometimes big changes.  Some stay for a while, some not long at all, remember the ticker…  One thing you can count on is that Facebook is always moving, which will always make it hard for a competitor to catch.

Those that use Facebook for entertainment and follow brands change to but it’s slower and takes a little longer of a snap shot… Long in today’s world, being a two year window.

Lab 42 put together a nice look at the changes between 2010 and 12 with the biggest difference being the ability to engage with the brand.  In 2010 only 13% ‘liked’ a brand page to interact, in 2012 82% say it’s a good place to interact with a brand.

That change probably has more to do with how brands approach social media than how the customers and individuals have changed.  Brand pages are being more engaging with their posts and trying to involve their ‘likes’ with games contests, questions etc.

On the opposite end of the spectrum for Brand pages, is that 39% liked brand pages to “show my support of the company to others”, while in 2012 that number dropped to 14%.  So you’re not getting as many ‘likes’ just because of who you are.  Very typical in our “what have you done for me lately?” world.

Here are some of the numbers and Facebook comparisons:

Usage In 2010

  • 40% to receive discounts and promotions
  • 39% to show my support of the company to others
  • 36% to get a “freebie”
  • 34% to stay informed about the activities of the company
  • 33% to get updates on future products
  • 30% to get updates on upcoming sales
  • 29% for fun or entertainment
  • 25% to get access to exclusive content
  • 22% someone recommended it to me
  • 21% to learn more about the company
  • 13% for education about company topics
  • 13% to interact

Usage In 2012

  • 87% like a brand pages
  • 82% say it’s a good place to interact
  • 75% I feel more connected to the brand
  • 69% liked a brand just because a friend did
  • 50% that the brands Facebook page is more valuable than its website

Top Reason’s Why We Like Facebook Brand Pages:

The top two reasons why people ‘like’ a brand page in 2012: Promotions/Discounts and Free Giveaways.  Makes sense now that Facebook has rolled out tools like ‘offers’ to make it easier for brand pages to engage in the way that the consumer on their page would like them to.

Facebook Changes Medford Oregon
Infographic Snippet from Lab42

Summary on Facebook Changes:

Today it ’s more than just posts.  It’s about offering your consumers what they’re on your page for.  Facebook brand pages have to look at Facebook no differently than all their other marketing.  Consumers are always looking for deals and offers; they have been conditioned by brands for years.  Make your consumers on Facebook offers, treat them special, and be creative.  Take advantage of what Facebook has to offer, and get it out of your mind that Facebook has to be free and invest some dollars in promoting an offer and running some Facebook ad’s.

We always love to talk about Facebook.  If you have any questions about how your brand might be able to perform better in Facebook take us up on our free 15 minute consultation.  Just click here and book it on your time.



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  1. Joy says

    I’ve been leveraging this platform for over a year now to promote my business and if there’s anything I mastered it would be the art of engagement and hosting contests 🙂 Truly, brand awareness stems from the efforts we employ to give our potential clients everything they need to make well-informed decisions and enjoy the added perks as well. Thanks for the engrossing read.

  2. Kristine says

    Many business owners would still choose to leverage the platform because of the exposure they will potentially be getting from countless individuals who are hooked on this social networking site. These are interesting stats that we can all refer to as online marketers. Thanks!

  3. Aayna says

    A very well researched post. You have made a thorough analysis for different years. I am glad I stopped by to glance through this post. Thanks for this post.

  4. tina says

    I like the whole concept of this article.I am using Facebook pages for my business promotion.I am using various facebook APPs that helped me in different way.

  5. rgyaneewi says

    As we know that Facebook is most used and reputed social networking site , and 1000’s of peoples are becomes user’s day by day , but now facebook has some changes. some peoples use for some time , some stay for a little time and some for long time and most of the people engaged with brand..

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