Staying Up-To-Date With SEO Evolution

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an intrinsic piece in gaining more web-procured business. By staying up-to-date with the changes in SEO, you can keep you site visible in users’ Google, Facebook or LinkedIn searches, and avoid any negative effects of SEO by ditching the outdated technology and practices that have been deemed problematic by search engine systems.

With the growing popularity of brand interaction using social media, your site should be tying in the tweets, blog posts and articles your business produces. By integrating these channels with your website, search engines like Google Search will be able to more efficiently gauge your credibility and make those who should be more credible responders in a search more credible. As it is not uncommon for someone to skip the Google search, and go right into Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to find related content using hashtags, it’s equally important to use these channels to broadcast information that you may normally save for your site or blog.

Google’s new Panda and Penguin updates give much more weight to these social signals that social media channels produce. Say someone mentions your business on Facebook, or includes a link to an article on your blog with their twitter account. These mentions, shares and likes all become credibility for search engine optimization, and put you closer to the top of search results when someone is researching related content. This can give you much more credibility and an increases likelihood of a click-through to your site for more information or potential purchases than an ad-related post would.

By being more involved in your brand’s life on social media, you will inherently gain more popularity and exposure in SEO. Social signals like the number of people who like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, share your content and mention you in social media posts, and now with more growing urgency than ever, having you in their Google circles will improve your ranking, credibility and exposure.

It is equally important to uphold good business practices. When it comes to local searches, the two most important factors that are considered in rankings are the number of reviews you have, and the positivity of those reviews. The world is too openly social on the Internet to let a scam business go by unnoticed or uncommented. This should be good for your business, as long as you are running a legitimate operation. By the world-at-large calling out all of the no-gooders that come along, you will be able to generate positive reviews, decreased bounce rates, higher time spent on your site and more repeat visitors.

By keeping your brand open and honest with the people researching it, getting to know it socially and resolving any problematic situations quickly and effectively, you will be able to maintain a high ranking, high customer satisfaction and more new and repeat business. By resolving online complaints or reviews where they start, you can have the review edited by the initial poster to effect your online ranking less, and give your brand the credit it deserves.

Jaclyn Click

Jaclyn Click has been involved in online marketing since the late nineties, and has seen the changing face of marketing on the web firsthand throughout her career. For more tips and strategies on how you can better promote your business online, visit

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    I found over the years that by giving, we were actually receiving and this philosophy adheres more to life than just my SEO world. If your company is struggling to produce consistent leads online then allow our company to consult with yours, after all, SEO is what we do best.

  2. Brad says

    That is one of the largest complaints I hear made by SEOs. They want to learn one thing and never change. I always remind them that any business needs to evolve in order to succeed.

  3. seo says

    Sir there is also another point that i want to say to you is .”Social media also have great importance in whole ranking point of view” It also create the huge enhancement in your customer experience.

  4. derlen says

    “Staying Up-To-Date With SEO Evolution ” This is a good inspiring article.I am just about happy together with your smart work. You place very terribly useful data. Best regards.

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    Nice tips.. Very innovative.. Your post shows all your effort and great experience towards your work Your Information is Great if mastered very well, I like the fact that you add Social Signal to it Thanks a lot for Sharing.

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