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Three Steps in Creating an Effective Brand Bible

Putting together a brand bible is a tedious job. Especially if you have sub-brands, you have a lot of things to take into account. Most companies resort to just compiling definitions and technical guidelines. But a brand bible is more than just a compilation of descriptions; it narrates the story of your brand. Every company… Read More


Tips for Using Evernote in Marketing

You know how it goes, you find a great article online that has a great fact or tidbit in it. Later that week (or month) you are talking about just that article with a colleague and you want to send them the article…but here’s the rub. You have to find that article again. With so… Read More

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How To Refresh Your Brand This Spring

Is your brand looking a little tired and worn out? If it is, this is the time to do something about it. Take inspiration from spring and step into a revitalised brand perception campaign. These tips and suggestions will help ensure you get the very best results. Are you a little lost at how to… Read More


Making the Most of Social Media

Many significant aspects comprise digital marketing. From search engine optimization to web design, various components establish the foundation for success. Important as it may be to integrate all the different strategies, forecasts show that one channel will play a key role in shaping your online presence this year and for the rest to come: social… Read More

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What is a Brand Book?

What is a Brand Book? Why do I need a Brand Book? What goes into a Brand Book? All of these are legitimate questions that many marketers struggle with. At its core, a Brand Book is an integral element to a well-functioning brand. It’s about articulating the elements of your brand in a concise and… Read More

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A Declaration of Passion

I have talked a lot throughout this blog about the power of a manifesto, why they are important, and how to draft them. However, I was talking with a client this week and I described it, for the first time, as a “Declaration of Passion.” Moreover, in that moment, the somewhat nebulous concept became clear and… Read More


All in the Circle of Likeability

We are often asked about our philosophy regarding marketing and buying media. In general is, “it all works if used properly and all fails if used improperly.” While the message and brand must remain on point, how people use and consume each media is different. How to best engage with individuals changes from media to… Read More

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Avoiding Brand Name Confusion

Adidas, McDonald’s, GEICO – these are just a few of the thousands of successful brand names out there, and they’re shining examples of what every businessperson wants their brand to eventually become. Looking at just these popular brand names, you spot some commonality. For instance, these brand names are unique; they’re not common names you’ll… Read More


Top 15 Finding Brand Blog Posts in 2012

I have a confession to make, somehow I blinked and January was G-O-N-E! Has that ever happened to you? I had intended to do another recap of the most popular blog posts on the Finding Brand Blog in early January. But, it appears that ship has sailed. So, a month late, here’s the annual recap… Read More

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Effective Branding – Creating Compelling Product Identity

A product does not succeed well without a strong brand. A brand acts like an identity for your product, which customers may find either attractive or ineffective. Making sure you create a brand with a strong potential to become popular is important. But how do you do that? Successful brands start with a story that… Read More

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The Power of the Brand Narrative in the Brand Book

There is considerable power in a brand narrative, as a brand building strategy for aligning stakeholders and creating consistent messaging. In my experience, a good brand narrative is the superior force multiplier – and storytelling branding is profoundly influential. This is because people naturally want to be part of something bigger, they want to matter,… Read More


Boosting Brands through Friends and Followers

Branding can make or break your business. It’s all about earning the trust of your customers and building a good name for your enterprise. Naturally, no one would spend a dime on a product they don’t believe in. Branding is one of your tickets to rise above your competition. Among all effective ways to promote… Read More