Let’s start with the basics, what is a brand position?

Your brand is the space your business occupies in the business world. It can be friendly, open, full of hope and aspiration. It can also be sloppy, uncoordinated, and unimpressive — and everything in between. The trick is choosing your brand position intentionally and not letting it be chosen for you because of lack of attention.

Considerations for choosing your brand position

When you intentionally choose your brand, you get to consider what your brand position says about:

  • how you serve your customers? (fast, friendly, efficient, fun, relaxed)
  • the way your business looks? (clean, engaging, humorous, retro)
  • the way your phone is answered? ( the first ring, cheerfully, opening phrase, automated menu)
  • how involved you are in your community? (volunteer support, monetary support, not included)

If you still like the brand position, especially in light of what it will dictate how you do your business, congratulations – you’ve found your new brand! Everything else is just implementation – which I will begin to cover in the next post.brand position

Continuing the line of thought from A Branding Beginning, Take this opportunity to share the brand position with your stakeholders (investors, management, employees, key customers). Be sure to explain what it is, what it means, and why you think it’s the right brand position for your business. Share with them why you think the brand position will resonate with your customers and potential customers, and most importantly how you imagine they can help to make it successful. This is the fun part of sharing the new brand with stakeholders. If you’ve found the right brand, it will create energy and synergize your company around the single brand vision.

This is also an excellent opportunity to tap into the collective creativity among the stakeholders in your organization. Ask them to imagine all the different ways to implement your brand and tagline into everyday business.

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