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How Many Layers Does Your Social Media Have?

Social Media, like every other advertising medium works best for your brand when it’s layered. But the beauty of social media is that it’s easy to layer. Here are the top 5 ways to layer your social media for maximum effectiveness: Use Facebook as a collection point addresses for your email newsletter. Your Facebook page… Read More


How Clearly are You Seeing Your Marketing Efforts?

I saw a tweet this morning from @DeeBlick of The Marketing Gym about assessing our marketing efforts that read: “Being painfully honest about where you wasted money on marketing is positive. Don’t repeat the same old lacklustre stuff. Embrace change.” It’s a good reminder to all of us to make sure that we make an effort… Read More

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How Good is Your Elevator Speech?

We’ve all heard it, we need to be able to describe our company and what we do in the space of time that it takes to travel from one floor to another in an elevator. And even in knowing it, it’s still difficult to conceptualize and spit out unless you’ve taken time to think about… Read More

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Why Your Business Should be on Facebook

I was chatting with someone the other day whose experience on Facebook was that of a meat-market/single’s scene. She was (rightfully) mystified as to why her business (or any business for that matter) should be on Facebook. With that experience on Facebook, I can see why she was confused. The truth is, almost everyone is… Read More

Managing a Personal and Professional Profile in Facebook

The worlds of our personal and professional lives are set on a collision course more strongly now than ever before, with the update to Facebook’s profile last night. Up front and center when you go to someone’s page is a short bio announcing to the world where you work, where you studied, where you live,… Read More


Fine Tune your Social Media Like your Golf Game

Social Media is nothing more than communication.  There will always be certain individuals who are naturally better and more talented than others at communicating.  Social media, like life offers several different forms to communicate in. It is important to play in as many different forms as you can, some will be more suited and others… Read More

Using Online Advertising to Spread Your Message

Advertising online is an easy, and relatively inexpensive way to spread your message to your targeted audience. With most online advertising you only pay for those ads that are actually clicked on, and you have the ability to target who will see those ads. You certainly can look to smaller sites (television and newspapers for… Read More

Pay it Forward Day – a Smart Idea for Your Business

Did you know today is the 2nd Annual Pay it Forward Day? This is an idea that is spreading like wildfire on Facebook lately, with more than 175,000 people around the globe planning to “attend.” What is Pay it Forward Day, you ask? According to it’s founder: ‘Tis the Season! A random act of kindness… Read More


The Innovative Ducks a Little Like Social Media?

Have you watched the Oregon Ducks play football this year?  If not, you’re really missing out.  As I watch how innovative Coach Kelly and the Oregon Ducks are on the field I can’t help but think of the comparisons with social media.  Some of the traditional football fans and writers complain that they’re offense is… Read More


Layers, the more the better

Today marketing requires more layers than ever before.  Years ago the business owner could choose one or more of the three traditional media outlets and call it good.  With the continual downward spiral of traditional media, business owners must find layers to define the position their business has in the community. Social Media is a great way to… Read More

Email Newsletters – Powerful Communication Tools

Great marketing is about layering. It’s about creating many different channels of communication that all support each other and build on each other. We’ve previously talked about using traditional media to augment your social media efforts, but how many of you use an email blast-newsletter to communicate with customers and potential customers? If the answer… Read More


Blogging-Like Eating Vegetables

I really don’t like blogging.  I do find it a necessary evil today no matter what business category you fall into.  Blogging seems to lend credibility to who and what it is that you do.  It can make you an expert in the field that you work in.  It adds great material to your website,… Read More

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Are You a Part of Small Business Saturday?

Have you heard of Small Business Saturday? It takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. And it’s a movement that is growing. The concept is simple: A day to come together in support of the small businesses we love. The businesses that are the heartbeat of our communities and local economies. That day is November 27, 2010—the… Read More

5 Reasons Great Brands Aren’t Selfish

As you consider creating a strong and powerful brand, a significant philosophy to consider is creating an un-selfish brand. This was important before the advent of social media, but now that many brands find themselves online in social media (Facebook and Twitter) the stakes are much higher. Here are some principles to consider: People like… Read More

Tagging Your Business Thanks

This week, as our thoughts turn to a turkey dinner, family, and friends, it’s appropriate to consider who in our businesses we need to give thanks to for making our year successful. If you’re doing well in this economy – it’s no accident. And it’s unlikely that you will be able to pinpoint one single… Read More

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What is Social Media Good For?

I sit with a lot of people who don’t understand why they should care what someone is drinking today, where they ate lunch, and that they just got in their car. What I try to explain to them is that those are the elements of our lives as human-beings. And while we may not have… Read More


Sometimes it’s Knowing When to Break the “Rules”

You can read as many management and marketing blogs, books, and white papers. Talk to as many experts, listen to the pundits and take as many classes as you want to learn all the “rules” for marketing your business. But here’s the thing. None of them, not a single one, knows your business better than… Read More

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Online Guerrilla Tactics

I have to admit, as much as I work in social media and employ guerrilla tactics to spread messages in a community, I hadn’t adequately considered ways to utilize guerrilla tactics online to drive traffic to your website and business until recently. So having given it some thought (at long last) here are my top… Read More

Just Because it's a "Deal" You Shouldn't Always Buy

From time to time, we all get an amazing “deal” that comes across our desk from the media. And it’s tempting to throw $300-$500 dollars at something that we’re getting for 75% off or even 50% off. But in those moments, it’s critical that you remember what your strategy is, and why you pursue it…. Read More

Competing for Attention

As a small business owner, I know, it is HARD to keep the focus on growing your business when the needs of your current business continually take all your time and attention. But here’s the thing we all know, intuitively, if we don’t focus our attention on doing those things that grow our business, we… Read More