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“Ducking In” is a collection of posts from guest bloggers who “Duck In” to share their wisdom, perspective, and ideas. Topics include marketing, advertising, branding, social media, web design, or SEO.

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Ways to Make Yourself a Trusted Online Authority Through Writing and Content Production

Whether you’re writing and producing content for commercial online consumption so as to make money from it directly or so as to utilize it to become known and trusted so that more Net surfers will make their way to your online place of business, it can seem daunting to determine just how to use those… Read More

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Small Business Marketing Expenses & Planning

Every small business markets its products or services from the sole proprietor or freelancer, to the emerging corporation with fewer than 500 employees. The percentage of funds you allocate to marketing can vary, with some enterprises getting by on a shoestring budget while others may find that the their budgets are heavily tilted to getting… Read More

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Digital Signage – Visual communication at its best!!

Digital Signage is an important part of the communication medium.  Well written content transforms digital signage from mere displays to a dynamic communications medium with an ability to inform, inspire and motivate that is unsurpassed. Given below are Five tips on how to conceive and write successful digital content. They include : Lead any and… Read More

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Four Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Whether you work at home full time or you are just a part time blogger, you have probably experienced times where you have become overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. It’s easy to sit down in front of the computer and get sucked right in, realizing a couple hours later that you have… Read More

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Entrepreneurialism and Launching Your New Business

Entrepreneurialism is a state mind or what you put in your mind when you are considering launching a new business. Hundreds of thousands of Americans start new businesses every year with just about as many closing down. The problem for many entrepreneurs is that they may have an idea that does not realistically consider how… Read More

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Vital Communication Tools for Small Businesses

There are over 27 million Small businesses in the United States, and these organizations account for between 60% and 80% of all new jobs created in the country. So they old saying that “small businesses are the backbone of the U.S.” actually has some weight behind it. And these days, technological advances in communication make… Read More

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Old Time Communications for a Digital Age

The digital age has changed the way that we communicate, bringing smart phones and tablets to the forefront and pushing print publications to the back and eventually to certain extinction. Well, the print dinosaur is quite dead yet and, when used correctly, print and digital can form an alliance to communicate in ways that you… Read More


Using Public Relations as a Marketing Tool

As we know, there is a slight difference between what can be called marketing and what is classed as Public Relations (PR). However, this isn’t to say that they don’t overlap in any way and therefore can’t influence each other. Marketing is commonly defined as how you promote and persuade people to buy your products… Read More

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Vehicle Signage: Low Cost Marketing with a Large Audience

Marketing Savvy With all the cries about ‘advertising space’ and ‘copy’ and ‘design’, businesses have to hit the savvy button when it comes to marketing. There isn’t much that doesn’t cost a fortune. Advertise on social networks and it could cost you ‘per click’. You don’t even know how many clicks that might be. Escalating… Read More

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5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Holiday Card Stand Out

My friend Chelsea has this to say about the holiday cards she receives: “I choose the winner from the 100+ or so my family is so very fortunate to receive each year.” Yes, she said “winner.” If you knew Chelsea and her family, you’d understand why the household receives so many cards. Chances are, you… Read More

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4 Tips for Creating the Best Business Card

Long after the trade show booths are packed up, the convention hall is vacuumed and waiting for the next industry show to come to town, what are your new contacts doing? They’re sifting through a hefty stack of business cards that could rival a phone book in its thickness. Yes, business cards. Despite everyone hopping… Read More

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Direct Mail Is Not Dead

The hype surrounding online marketing and social media is hard to ignore. In the highly digitized world we live in, it is no surprise that many executives might believe that the days of direct mail success are over. Contrary to such assumptions, statistics show that direct mail is still one of the best ways to… Read More

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Exhibition Marketing Strategies

If you truly want to succeed in business you don’t just need a marketable product, you also need to be respected by your business peers so they recognize that you have not only a product that works but a product which is a market leader. And one of the best ways by which you can… Read More

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How to Get 1,000 Views Every Day – Increase Your Traffic Now!

As we know, there are three ways to access a website: directly enter the address (URL) in a browser, use a search engine or surf from link to link. To increase traffic to your website, you need to facilitate better either (or all) of these approaches. Concretely, you must communicate as widely as possible the… Read More

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The Power of Local: SEO for Small Business

If you are running a small business and you have an online presence, chances are that you have at least heard about things like local SEO and local search directories. If this didn’t sound too familiar for you, I will clear things out. First of all, local SEO refers to the onsite and offsite actions… Read More

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How B2B Companies Can Use Social Media

Surprisingly there are some companies out there who have yet to start using social media for their business. These companies just don’t see how sites like Facebook and Twitter will benefit their business, and most of these companies tend to fall in the B2B category. And when you think about it, who can blame them?… Read More

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How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO

Everyone is using search engines to help them locate the right information. The fact that people are using search makes it critical that you implement search engine optimization (SEO) tactics into your website. One of the easiest ways to implement SEO into your website is to use keywords throughout your website content. Keywords refer to… Read More

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The Story of Pinterest – Image Sharing Gone Viral

While perusing Pinterest before writing this article I found a quote that said, “Every experience prepares you for the next one. You just don’t know what the next one is going to be.” That’s very true, and it reminded me of the one person who could probably relate to it the best, and that person… Read More

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Winning Social Media with Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the newest social media sensations on the web. It skyrocketed into popularity during the fall of 2011 and has been steadily growing at an amazing rate ever since. In fact, it has a 0% attrition rate – this means that either no users are stopping their use of the site, or… Read More

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Dental Blogging vs. Other Social Media

There is a lot of talk about how blogging has become indispensable to businesses and while this is true, most people don’t understand exactly why this is so. Because of this, business owners which include dentists do not take this social media platform seriously. Another reason for why blogging is not fully utilized by dentists… Read More