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“Ducking In” is a collection of posts from guest bloggers who “Duck In” to share their wisdom, perspective, and ideas. Topics include marketing, advertising, branding, social media, web design, or SEO.

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5 Reasons Target is a Top-Notch Retailer to Copy

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar to you. You go into Target for three mundane items that should only cost you maybe ten bucks: Silly things like shampoo, shaving cream, and a birthday card. However, an hour later you walk out a hundred dollars lighter and the proud owner of two new shirts, new… Read More

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Top Ten Ways to Boost Small Business Sales

If there’s one thing that just about every small business could do with, it’s more sales. And never has this been more the case than now when even the best run businesses are finding themselves a little short on customers. Unfortunately however, boosting sales is a lot easier said than done. It’s also a goal… Read More

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3 Ways Advertisers Control Your Brain

The best argument against psychics so far laid out is “If you can see the future, why don’t you use  it to make a killing on the stock market?” So when I say that there are mind control techniques that have been developed that leave you with all the autonomous decision making capability of a… Read More

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Exhibit Your Business With A Trade Show.

Trade shows are great opportunities for people from similar business backgrounds to come together, showcase what they have, suss out the competition, and learn from each other. Trade shows are also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain an understanding of what similar companies are offering. Why should you take your business to a trade… Read More

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Save money with Do-It-Yourself online Public Relations

In the current challenging economic climate, the cost of hiring an external Public Relations agency can be just too much for many small businesses to afford. But without effective and smart PR, how is any business to survive and come through these difficult times? The answer might be DIY online PR. With a little insider… Read More

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Can These 13 Search Engines Steal Google’s Crown?

No one company can take Google’s crown, but these 13 could succeed with Death by a Thousand Cuts, each eroding a different part of Google’s search dominance. Could these sites split the crown jewels between them? Wolfram Alpha Battleground: Computed Answers What it does: Answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data…. Read More

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Turn Your Brand Into A Powerhouse In 5 Simple Steps

You need to create a great brand for your business because that’s what will make you recognized among all the other companies out there. Nobody will ever remember you if you fail to deliver it. People won’t share you with their friends. You are not remarkable. At some point or other you will become forgotten,… Read More

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The Best Marketing Strategies for a Product or Service Launch

Launching a new product or service is a highly exciting time and when you first do it you will no doubt be highly excited and hopefully very passionate and fully behind the project. However while your enthusiasm and passion might be at breaking point, the difficult task you have ahead of you is to get… Read More

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5 Examples Of Effective & Unique Social Media Campaigns

Starting a new business has become much easier and more affordable now that advances in technology give even the smallest operations the power to reach millions of potential customers. Cloud services, for instance, provide inexpensive storage and business software solutions, while smart phone applications enable entrepreneurs to serve their customers from anywhere in the world…. Read More

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Branding 101: How to Identify Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is essential in any type of business. You simply cannot expect for everyone to find your products useful. However, once you do figure out who would use your product, you can create more targeted marketing and greatly increase your sales. Whether it means considering the demographics of your audience or creating… Read More

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Tips to Make your ‘Cause Marketing’ efforts Worth it!

When it comes to new and unique promotions for your company, it’s sometimes difficult to generate ideas that won’t make you yawn with boredom. You’ve done coupons, you’ve done free gifts with purchase, and heck, you’ve even celebrated ‘National Golf Month’ with golf-themed giveaways. What’s left? How about a little cause marketing to boost not… Read More

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Great Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

To become a successful real estate agent, you need to have sound marketing strategies in place. With a well thought out marketing strategy in place, it will be much easier for you to attract new clients and put homebuyers in the home of their dreams. Once you are able to help someone purchase a new… Read More

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Link Building With Pinterest For Real Estate

Pinterest provides a virtual pinboard that allows users to arrange and share photos and images found on the Web. Users can organize pinboards by topic or purpose and give social media users a great way to learn about real estate properties, neighborhoods and lifestyles while providing valuable backlinks to real estate websites and blogs. You… Read More

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Be A Success At Social Media

Are you struggling to see the worth in social media, is there any real return on the investment. Or is it just another drain on your company’s finances. If your are starting to ask these questions about your campaign then you may need to take stock and review the situation before it turns sour. Step… Read More

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Press Releases: Are They Worth the Effort?

Press releases aren’t a link building strategy that will work for any business, and they sure aren’t supposed to be “released” and published every week and on every piece of content you create. It’s even questionable how much of a link building strategy they really are, being used and misused many times, with people basing… Read More

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5 Business Tips Everyone Should Know

Whether you’ve been in business for one day or twenty years it’s really important to understand the basic business fundamentals. To this end I have compiled five of my best tips for business success. So let’s get started. Know your point of difference: It doesn’t matter if you are selling zucchinis or Lamborghinis, you should… Read More

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Does Your Business Need a Blog?

If you’re running a traditional (offline) business then you might think that a blog is not something you necessarily need. And I can’t blame you … it’s a natural opinion to have. Unfortunately, you are wrong. Well, actually you don’t really NEED anything to run your business, so to speak, but there are some serious… Read More

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Dealing with Negative Consumer Generated Media

The Internet has given the public access to sharing information within a matter of seconds, and this can turn into a nightmare for businesses. Many customers are using review websites such as Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor and Epinions to talk about their experiences with specific businesses. Some customers turn to forums to share information, and others… Read More

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Ideas To Market Your Salon Equipment

Do you own a salon equipment business or manufacture your own salon products? It can be a tough market to crack. With a quick search on the internet, you can probably find thousands of salon equipment vendors doing business. This means for you to compete, you will need a good marketing plan. You want to… Read More

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How Small Businesses Can Use ‘National Days’ for Their Next Promotion

It seems like every time I check my social media accounts, one of my favorite companies is promoting a “National Day” that falls directly into their industry. 7-11 had their annual “SlurpFree Day” on May 23rd, and Dunkin’ Donuts will be celebrating “National Donut Day” on June 1st by giving away a free donut with… Read More