Facebook Marketing Series

Stuck trying to figure out the principles of Facebook marketing? You're not alone. This collection of blogs will help business owners to use Facebook well.


Having written several blogs on the subject of Facebook marketing, we thought it was time to organize a series.  With the changes in Facebook and business, it’s interesting to go back a read some of the Facebook articles.

Some have stood over time, and others — well might have been better kept unpublished. But either way, these posts will give readers an opportunity to read the about the changes and maybe be able to see the future through the past.

Facebook Blog Series:

  1. Facebook Algorithmic Changes To Brand Pages: –   In September Facebook made changes to their algorithms, for the most part, the changes were made we lessen the effectiveness that brand pages were getting for free and make them pay a little
  2. Changes In How We Use Facebook –   Facebook makes changes all the time, sometimes subtle changes that barely register with people sometimes big changes.  Some stay for a while, some not long at all, remember the ticker…
  3. Does your business utilize Facebook Advertising? – With the adjustments that Facebook has made in their Facebook Advertising and the ease in which to create and target your demographic, I don’t see why a local small business….
  4. Build ‘likes’ with Facebook Ads – Facebook comes down to the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. The ‘haves’ are the brands/pages utilizing what’s available, and the ‘have nots’ are the pages that just post, look at Facebook as FREE, and don’t  invest anything other than time into Facebook.
  5. Promotions Using Facebook – There are Facebook promotions that can be done using apps, like wildfire and then there are promotions on Facebook and Twitter to create word of mouth advertising. This blog deals with the latter.
  6. Facebook Targeted Posts For The Small Business Owner –  Facebook is rolling out a slew of new targeted posting options for your business page.   TechCrunch reports that the advanced post targeting is already starting to roll out to select Pages, with all Pages slated to receive the ability in the coming weeks.
  7. Going Viral With Facebook – Everyone wants posts with lots of ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘Shares’.  Everyone talks of viral, not sure what that is, the definition says “to spread rapidly via the Internet, e-mail, or other media.”  Is there a specific number that people feel needs to be reached to feel that it has gone ‘viral’?
  8. New Facebook Tools – So have you played with any of the new Facebook changes?  Most of us are aware of the new subtle changes on Facebook in the past month
  9. What is your Facebook strategy, do you have one? – Is it about getting people to ‘like’ your page, ‘like’ posts, comment on posts, drive traffic to your website, visibility, likeability, engagement, awareness, promote products, sell products or services, expert status, public relations, customer feedback, to make money?
  10. Scheduled Facebook Posts – For admins of business pages, this was something that was long overdue.  There have always been a lot of 3rd party apps that have given you the ability to schedule and deliver posts, but it always came with the little icon that was telling everyone that it was delivered by a 3rd party app.
  11. What Is The Facebook Promote Button – If your Facebook Business page has over 400 ‘likes’ you may have noticed the Facebook Promote button that is available on each post.
  12. What Are Facebook Offers – ‘Offers’ are a quick and simple way to give a deal/coupon/offer to your Facebook fans.  The best part? This feature costs you a grand total of…nothing!
  13. Facebook Ad’s What’s the Real Story – We’ve run several ads for clients on Facebook, like with all advertising, the execution, the category and the set goals will have everything to do with how you feel about the platform.
  14. The New Facebook Business Page – So as everyone is talking, blogging, and designing their new Facebook business page, the big question is will it have more of an impact than the current version?  Every admin has access to their insights and can see the traffic that is driven to their timeline.
  15. Facebook Milestone Feature – Your Facebook Business Page transforms to a ‘Timeline’ page in 3 weeks whether you’ve made the changes or not. Since the announced change, a lot of small businesses have changed their cover photo and made the plunge and have been slowly adjusting and updating their page.
  16. What do the new changes to Facebook Timeline for Business Pages mean? – Maybe not as much as you think!!  There is certainly some housekeeping that needs to be taken care of.  There is the new cover image, the organizing of apps, timeline, pinning and starring, creating milestones, changing dates to posts, and the pretty sweet….
  17. Don’t look now! Facebook Timeline For Business Pages – It appears the new facebook timeline for business pages is finally be arriving.  Word has it, and it makes sense, that the announcement will come at the Facebook Marketing Conference event, parts of which will be live-streamed.
  18. When Buying Facebook ‘Likes’ Is A Great Thing – What is a Facebook ‘like’ worth, is always a hot topic, so many different perspectives and rarely can you find the same answer with the same dollar figure attached to it.  There are so many different variables, like what business you are in.
  19. Facebook ‘Likes’ Harder To Come By –  Facebook ‘Likes’ aren’t as easy to come by as they were two years ago.  Back when few businesses were taking the plunge, it seemed that all you had to do was pop a Facebook page and getting hundreds of ‘Likes’.
  20. Facebook vs. Newspaper – Well that just wouldn’t be a fair fight now would it?  It would fall under the proverbial saying don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.  This is part three of a series comparing what business owners may be familiar with marketing.
  21. Facebook Friends Come In All Sizes And Shapes Everybody has a different need and use for Facebook.  We have friends who look at Facebook as a place to contribute, me being one of those.  I rarely go two days in a row without making a post, and depending on what’s happening…
  22. Sorry Old Friends I’ve Become A Facebook Snob – What’s happened to our friends who aren’t on Facebook?  I often wonder, and it seems as though I’ve just lost track of them.  It used to be that we would keep in contact with our Rolodex of friends through our Rolodex.
  23. Three Little Must Do’s On Your Facebook Business Page – It’s the simple things that always separate yourself from your competitors.  Nothing is more evident of that fact than with Facebook.  It’s not hard to tell the difference between businesses.
  24. Separation Of Personal And Business Page Like Separation Of Church And State – A lot of us have Facebook personal pages as well as business pages.  A pet peeve of mine is people who spend most of their time on their personal page talking about their business and sharing the links from their business.