Hannah Rampton

In the modern search market, where Google has for some years been the undisputed king of the internet, it’s easy to forget that there are alternatives out there. While Google, and to a lesser extent, Bing might dominate the general search stakes, there are alternative engines out there that, rather than trawling the entire web for the information you desire, are geared to more specific purposes. Whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are that, hiding out there in some dark corner of the ‘net’ is a site just for you. Are you helplessly struggling to decide which game you should play next? Trying to track down some solid academic data? Hoping to find the perfect image for your site? Just sick of the spam you still encounter in Google’s index? Then have no fear! Check out this infographic from Ladbrokes and explore the invaluable alternatives in search.

Google's Crown 600px

Can These 13 Search Engines Steal Google’s Crown?

No one company can take Google’s crown, but these 13 could succeed with Death by a Thousand Cuts, each eroding a different part of Google’s search dominance. Could these sites split the crown jewels between them? Wolfram Alpha Battleground: Computed Answers What it does: Answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data…. Read More