Marketing: Past, Present, Future

Marketing trends can help any organization determine where the organization has been, where it is now, and where it will be in the future.

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Marketing trends can help any organization determine where the organization has been, where it is now, and where it will be in the future. With any analysis, it is important to understand all the factors that make up these trends. It is necessary for the organization to establish clear goals to accomplish them. They need to anticipate, identify, and satisfy all the requirements of their potential customers all while ensuring profitability for the organization. Organizations have to have an open mind to new trends and innovations that will enhance their potential future.


marketing past present futureSometimes we may think that the past is the past. Nevertheless, the past is where everything began. They found a way to make things work even with the limited tools that they had. Past marketing concepts were generally to make a product that would influence the bottom line of the organization. Most organizations only had a few avenues to get their products ready and available for the target markets. Radio spot advertisements were used which did very well for that time and era of the marketing world. Television advertisements were another key element of marketing strategy. We would see advertisements plugged into commercials during highlight time of football season. These are still used quite often today. If you look at the deep past, you will find that many organizations only had word of mouth to spread how good a product or service was.


Today, marketers have quite a bit of technology to enhance the marketing value of their products and services. We still have word of mouth, radio, and television advertisements. These have done very well for the marketing world in the past. Now, marketers have a technological revolution that enhances the way they market. The internet has become a revolution in the marketing world. We now have social Medias that advertise products and services all hours of the day. Today’s market has become so strong in ways that we would never have imagined.


Technology is changing every day. It is growing at a pace that many of us have not caught up with yet. Every day, new and innovative ideas are being developed that changes the way we do business. Think about how Facebook, Twitter, and other Medias have changed the face of the internet. Who knows, soon every household may have virtual media that allows them to interact with the marketing world.


We can take the past and the present trends in marketing and put them together in a way that shoots our marketing styles through the roof. We can learn so much from past trends, the good and the bad, to ensure that future trends remain strong and true. Therefore, yes the next generation will have a better stronger marketing tool that will blow the past and the preset out of the water. Technology is changing so fast it is sometimes hard to keep up with it. However, all we have to do is catch the train and go along for the ride.

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