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Mike FreyHi. I’m Mike Frey and I’m the Chief VIsionary Officer for Paradux Media Group. I just wanted to take a second to say hello and welcome you to “The Pond” and my blog, Beyond the Pond.

I write what interests me, and hope that it interests you. Most days, you’ll find this blog covers: Media. Ducks. Golf. Not necessarily in that order.


Facebook Offers

You may have noticed a new option on the post box of your business page, ‘offer’.  Facebook rolled it out a few weeks ago, and for some could be a worth while tool and something that you may see more of  from businesses on your newsfeed. What Exactly Are Facebook Offers?  ‘Offers’ are a quick… Read More


Google AdWords For The Small Business Owner

How To Engineer A Google AdWords Campaign: Every marketing campaign has different goals and objectives, or at least they should.  Google AdWords can be an effective marketing tool if used correctly.  Running a campaign on Google AdWords isn’t much different than a print campaign.  Typically there are one of two objectives in a print campaign,… Read More


Facebook Ads For Marketing Your Small Business

Facebook Ads What’s The Real Story: With the Facebook IPO and GM pulling their Facebook ads there has been a lot of talk regarding the effectiveness of running ads on Facebook.  We’ve run several ads for clients on Facebook, like with all advertising, the execution, the category and the set goals will have everything to… Read More


Every Door Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing, have you tried Every Door Direct Mail? You may have seen or heard the recent commercials from the US Postal Service regarding their new campaign Every Door Direct Mail.  Are you a small business owner or an agency for small businesses that is considering the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail?… Read More


Local Search SEO and Siri

The Importance of Local Search: While most in the tech industry have been watching the battle go on between Google and Facebook, Google launching Plus and Facebook talking about beginning a search engine of their own, under the radar comes Siri with possibly a huge advantage with local search.  Can Siri and Yelp change the scope… Read More

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SEO: Small Businesses Medford Oregon

Why Local SEO For Medford Oregon Business Owners: So why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so important to a Medford Oregon business?  Well it begins with over 40% of consumers won’t shop at a business or brand if they can’t research you or find your business on-line.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows not only… Read More

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The New Facebook Business Page Will It Have An Impact?

The New Facebook Business Page: So as everyone is talking, blogging, and designing their new Facebook business page, the big question is will it have more of an impact than the current version?  Every admin has access to their insights and can see the traffic that is driven to their timeline (wall), and that’s what… Read More


Facebook Milestone Feature For Small Businesses

Your Facebook Business Page transforms to a ‘Timeline’ page in 3 weeks whether you’ve made the changes or not. Since the announced change, a lot of small businesses have changed their cover photo and made the plunge and have been slowly adjusting and updating their page. But if you haven’t taken a look at the… Read More

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Advertising Rush Limbaugh Red And Blue

The recent comments by Rush Limbaugh has some business owners and listeners asking themselves, is it worth it?  Should we have our business advertising in his program?  Several national companies have pulled their sponsorship’s of Limbaugh’s program including a couple mattress companies. It’s not the first nor will it be the last time that Rush… Read More

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New Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

What do the new changes to Facebook Timeline for Business Pages mean? Maybe not as much as you think!!  There is certainly some housekeeping that needs to be taken care of.  There is the new cover image, the organizing of apps, timeline, pinning and starring, creating milestones, changing dates to posts, and the pretty sweet new… Read More

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Google Plus And Small Business Owners

 Google Plus And SEO: Lately we have been getting more inquiries from our clients regarding Google Plus and whether or not they should take the time to open an account.  A lot of the inquiries are due to the ‘search’ benefits that come with Google Plus.   While I have been a wait and see person… Read More

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Facebook Timeline For Business Pages

NOTE: If you’re interested in learning more about these changes, check out our FREE webinar on the changes you can expect for the Facebook Timeline for Business Pages.   Don’t look now! Facebook Timeline For Business Pages: It appears the new facebook timeline for business pages is finally be arriving.  Word has it, and it makes… Read More

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Social Media Fragmentation

The Enemy, Social Media Fragmentation Fragmentation, whether it’s traditional media fragmentation or social media fragmentation, it is marketing enemy #1 for the small business owner.  For the small business owner fragmentation means more for less.  More work , more money, and reach less people. I have addressed social media fragmentation a few times but with… Read More

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Have Interest In Pinterest It Could Be For You

So what’s the fastest growing social network?  If you didn’t say Pinterest you’re wrong.  So what is Pinterest you say? is a virtual pin board, where you collect and admire images found all over the web. It’s like a bulletin board, only you are pinning up web images, on an online board. You can pin whatever… Read More

How to create a small business campaign in Medford Oregon

Think Different! Build A Campaign

It’s a great time for small local businesses to “Think Differently” and create campaign messages and not immediate hit and run messages. The most remembered commercials:   Outside of Apples 1984 commercial,  the most remembered commercials, are campaigns, not commercials.  National companies and big boxes, think that way, they see the benefits of the campaign while the small… Read More


Imagine A World Without Free Knowledge The 2012 BLACKOUT

“With its grace and carelessness it seemed to annihilate a whole culture, a whole system of thought, as though Big Brother and the Party and the Thought Police could all be swept into nothingness by a single splendid movement of the arm.” 1984 As you surf the web today you will see a ‘Blacklash’ as January… Read More

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Why You Should Do Online Surveys

It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information. ~Oscar Wilde As a small business owner how people feel about you, what they are saying and their perception of you is critical to any growth you’d like to see as a business owner. In all my years of marketing I’ve… Read More


7 Small Business Marketing Predictions for 2012

While many things will happen in 2012 here are 7 that I think we’ll see and in some cases I really hope we’ll see. QR codes will be the “IT” thing.  Which also means it will be the most “misused” item of 2012.  Marketers will slap a QR code on anything and everything, if it has our… Read More


A Few Things To Take From 2011

Social Media can Change the World: We’re starting to see that social media really can change the world.  The Egyptian uprising was accelerated by social media and posting on Facebook and Twitter… We have also seen and felt how social media can create a new economy, books speaking engagements, in essence a new business category.  2011… Read More

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The Importance Of Website Analytics With Social Media:

From a business and bottom line stand point there needs to be an outcome for the money and time are being spent with, and in social media.  Like with most marketing endeavors it needs to be held to a ROI (return on investment). Facebook is always playing with their insights, and now they have the… Read More