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Let’s face it, marketing can be hard! In each Marketing Intelligence Report post, you’ll find the information you need in order to run your business better, make smarter marketing choices, and gain the information you need for success.

Why We Use WordPress to Optimize Web Presence

Why We Use WordPress to Optimize Web Presence

We use WordPress to develop websites for our clients because we believe it is the best way to establish and optimize web presence so potential clients can find you easily.  With many options now available in the marketplace, here’s an explanation of why we love WordPress. WordPress was first introduced in 2003, primarily as a… Read More

Google My Business

Do You Know How “Google My Business” Can Bring More Customers to Your Door?

With Google dominating the search engine market (92.24%), implementing more ways to help your business rank highly is critical in today’s world.  More and more consumers rely on Google searches to find businesses and products to meet their needs, and many of them are now able to complete their purchases entirely online. There are many… Read More

3 Questions to Increase Employee Engagement

3 Questions to Increase Employee Engagement

Regularly meeting with each of your team members is essential to help understand what’s going on at the job site, communicate your expectations, and steer the ship towards meeting organizational goals and objectives.  However, many managers struggle to lead effective meetings with employees.  Instead of focusing on creating an itemized agenda and reviewing detailed statistics… Read More

How to Optimize Your Investment in Content Marketing

How to Optimize Your Content Marketing

If you could hop into a time machine and travel back to the 1970s, you would be challenged to find any marketing expert claiming articles are an investment in your business.  But today, content is exactly that.  When consumers are tied to electronic devices for everything from work, emails, streaming movies and television shows, and… Read More

Don’t Lose Your SEO Ranking By Ditching Your Website

Don’t Lose Your SEO Ranking By Ditching Your Website

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to pick up a few things and you can no longer find your favorite BBQ sauce because the brand updated all their packaging including the logo and the names for the different flavors?  Or maybe you’ve experienced the challenge of completing your routine shopping trip after a… Read More

Is a Chatbot Relevant to my Business

Is a Chatbot Relevant to My Business?

A popular buzzword in the e-commerce community is “chatbot,” but what is this technology, and is it relevant to your small to mid-size business? The chatbot evolution exploded a few years ago.  In 2016, only about 5% of companies used them, but by 2017 another 32% of companies were beginning to plan for implementation.  These… Read More

Marketing Strategy: Are You Uncovering the Right Problem to Solve?

Are You Uncovering the Right Problem to Solve?

Consider this common business situation.  The past two quarters’ profitability numbers came in far lower than projected.  Management is called into a boardroom for a special marketing strategy huddle.  The question on the whiteboard is: “What are three products we can introduce in the next 30 days to increase profits by 20%?”  Managers accept this… Read More

Why Investing in a Professionally Built and Managed Website is a Smart Business Decision

Why Investing in a Professionally Built and Managed Website is a Smart Business Decision

Years ago, business owners invested significant resources in a physical storefront.  To get noticed, a business needed a brightly lit sign close to a well-traveled street, an accessible parking lot, and a clean and attractive entranceway.  Marketing staff focused on designing eye-catching advertisements for “The Yellow Pages” and created promotions to be shared via local… Read More


To Zoom or Not to Zoom? That is the Question.

As we near the one-year mark of living under pandemic protocols, one technology that has touched nearly every person is video conferencing.  Remote workers use it to connect to the team, sales representatives have mastered it to eliminate travel, students of all ages log in to attend classes, and singles are even dating with it…. Read More

What Really Makes Networking Effective

Networking.  The overwhelming majority of business leaders and owners flinch at the thought of it.  Another group gets really excited about it, but may not be achieving as much as they can from the process.  Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it’s important for all business leaders and owners to build professional networks… Read More

Attract Customers Attention with Engaging Video Content

Attract Customers’ Attention with Engaging Video Content

If you’re not using video content to promote your brand or advertise your product, you’re missing the attention of many customers.  Packed agendas and multitasking have left humans with shortened attention spans and a desire to consume information that entertains as well as informs. Why should you be using video content in your marketing strategy?… Read More

How the Third Party Cookie Phase-Out Affects Your Marketing Strategies

How the Third Party Cookie Phase-Out Affects Your Marketing Strategies

Cookies may sound like delicious tidbits of information, and for the electronic universe, they certainly are.  Unbeknownst to many consumers of the Internet, every visit to a website likely results in baking a dozen or more of these “cookies.”  Recently, much attention has been placed on how browser companies are disclosing, collecting, storing, and sharing… Read More