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How To Use Hashtags In Each Social Media Platform


Here is how Wikipedia defines the #Hashtag: A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the number sign ("#"). It is a form of metadata tag. Words in messages on microblogging and social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram may be tagged by putting "#" before them,[1] either as they appear in a sentence, (e.g., "New artists announced for #SXSW2014MusicFestival")[2] or appended to it. We can say that Hashtags make it possible to create searchable terms or put more emphasis on a word or phrase. My take ... Read More

Facebook Improves Ad Columns – Facebook Business Pages


It’s June 2014 and Facebook has released its second update that benefits business pages. The first update for Facebook June 2014 was the redesign of business pages. The newest Facebook change improves the right hand column ads. In Facebook June 2014 you could have seen as many as seven ads in your sidebar, or like many of us ignored seven ads by mentally blocking out the right column of Facebook below the list of today’s birthdays. The ads today have a small image (100×72 for link thumbnails, 120×120 for photo shares and 128×128 for video ... Read More

Re-Marketing Campaigns Hit Facebook

photo credit marcopako via Flickr

Remarketing (v) –The process of reengaging a visitor/customer based on a recent interaction with your brand, often in an automated fashion. We’ve seen it before. You visit a website, you continue surfing and an ad from a website you had just visited appears. How did Zappos know? Branding experts and marketers will always talk to you about top of mind, well remarketing is brilliant top-of-mind. The essence of traditional remarketing is simple. At its most basic, remarketing is about listening and reacting to what your customers/potential ... Read More

Facebook Business Page – 3 Tweaks To Make For June 2014 Rollout


The rollout of new Facebook Business Pages is set for June 6th, but if you signed up to be part of the early release we’re beginning to see those drop now. The biggest change is the single column timeline much like your personal page. With any change that Facebook does to their pages a little housekeeping is on order. With this current rollout there seem to be three little tweaks that should be made to your page when your business page is updated. Adjust Your Cover/Profile Picture:  You’ll see with the screen shot below that the profile photo ... Read More

Instagram: Get Your Small Business In the Picture


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much better is it than a 140 characters? We live in a visual society, it’s one of the reasons TV beats radio, and has helped create the success of ‘FACE’book. It’s no secret that the most shared and clicked upon items on Facebook are pictures. What’s a big difference between Twitter and Facebook...images! If you have a small business that is image driven, or can find a way to drive engagement through images, then Instagram should be a social platform that should be a tools in your marketing ... Read More

Facebook Pay To Play: What To Do – Small Business Oregon


For business owners Facebook is becoming more and more a “pay-to-play” model. You’ve put time and money into building your business pages ‘likes’, creating relationships, content creation and curation, So what do you do? On the one hand, businesses have never before had a free media platform through which to build our brand and communicate to current customers, so this was bound to happen. But on the other hand, though big businesses may be able to swallow the new pay-to-play rules, it's challenging for small businesses that don't think they ... Read More

Website Design Medford Oregon – Hire An Advertising Agency


Why You Hire A Marketing Company To Design Your Website: There was a time when even as a small business you shelled out big bucks, had some code written and BOOM, there was your website. Stagnent and too expensive to change, but you were in the 2.0 game. That was the early 2000’s, welcome to the new decade, the ever evolving world of the internet where yesterday is truly history and tomorrow is the present. Most web designers, do a very good job designing your site, they may offer some hosting solutions, and then you get a good luck, thanks ... Read More

New Changes: Facebook Business Pages – Medford


It might be time that you have a marketing team handle your social media In the next few weeks Facebook will be rolling out tweaks to the desktop version of your business page.  The streamlined look for Pages on desktop will make it easier for people to find the information they want and help page admins find the tools they use most. They will go back to showing posts in just one-column (which I like) rather than the two column feature that Facebook currently uses. With the changes, there will be opportunities. Changes in timelines, changes in ... Read More

Artisan Food Websites – Foodie Start Ups – Marketing Strategies


Artisan food is flourishing in the U.S and here in Southern Oregon is no exception. One trip to the Medford or Ashland Co-op, or any of the farmers markets in Medford, Ashland or Grants Pass will tell you that local artisan food having an impact. There are so many great local products, and many we’ll never hear of or be exposed to, and it won’t be because of the quality of the product, it will be because of the marketing behind it. In an over crowded market, marketing is usually the make or break behind the small business. A big reason is that ... Read More

Website Design Medford Oregon


Your company needs a new website, so now what? For many the website can be and is the hub of their business so it’s important to know what to ask and look for, so you get the right Medford Oregon website design company for you and your business. As you search the internet for website design companies in Medford, here is a list of questions you can ask yourself that will help narrow your search. What to Ask in Choosing a Website Design Company in Medford Oregon: Portfolio: Do they have their portfolio available online? Is there a variety in ... Read More