What are the initial steps of brand building?

Strong brand building can gain a loyal "following" without putting too much marketing efforts, and it can also make your customers love you.

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Apple, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Starbucks are examples of some brands that when mentioned can bring an image (probably the logo) into anyone’s mind. These are brands or companies that have spent time and energy brand building a strong and ‘loyal’ reputation for themselves over the years.

A strong brand can make your gain a loyal “following” without putting too much marketing efforts, and it can also make your customers love and appreciate you. However, a strong brand does not just happen. Strong brand building occurs when brands are intentionally  built, nurtured, and protected to maturity. Below are some initial steps you can use to build your brand:

What is your company’s mission?

What is the core purpose of your company? You must clearly define the reason you are in business in order to build a strong brand. For instance, Nike’s mission is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete * in the world.”  In this example, the mission statement is in line with Nike’s brand, which is to design and produce quality sports related items or products.

Knowing your purpose is especially important among the younger generation who tend to establish an “emotional connection” with brands. This means that they more readily establish an emotive brand position. Your brand purpose is also important in shaping your strategy and guiding your future decision making.

Define your brand

What key messages would you like your brand to communicate? And what does your brand stand for? Marketing happens when you associate explicit attributes with renowned brands. For instance, If someone mentioned Apple, you would probably think of ‘innovation and design. Especially where “innovation” and “design” are ‘defining words’ associated with this brand.

What words would you like your customers to associate or define your brand with? These words are not the products or services you offer. For instance, in the above example, Apple is not just associated with computers (a product they offer) but a whole range of products. So,if you run a bakery, think words like fresh, delicious, treats, high-quality tasty desserts and more.

How will your brand building benefit your customers?

brand buildingYou must consider the functional and emotional benefits that your brand will provide to your customers. While choosing the benefits of your products or services make sure that they are different and stand out. This is especially important when compared to those benefits offered by your competitors. For instance, if you produce perfume, consider telling the story “behind the product,” such as how it is made and for what purpose.

A brand is more than your company name or logo; it is a “promise” to your customer of the value your products or services will add to them. Your brand also communicates what you stand for as a company and how you are different from your competitors. Be sure to utilize your brand so that the above tips to create your brand.

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