Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

Know your audience!  Engage your audience.  Social Media is no exception.  With little room for error in today’s economy for the small business owner it’s important to embrace the social media revolution and use it just as with traditional media, the correct way.  Just as there are keys to success in “Traditional Media”, there are those same keys to success in the “Social Media” world.  Any successful campaign in “Traditional Media” must have frequency, consistency, and an engaging message that fits the audience that you’re talking to.  Playing in the “Social Media” world is no different, frequency, consistency, staying on message while being engaging and informative and building relationships are key.

With the ever growing popularity of social media outlets it’s not going to go away.  With Traditional Media we have sales rep’s or deal with an advertising agency.  If you deal with sales rep’s from TV, Radio or Print, most are very adequate at writing copy, the stations have their production & design people to get the spot done. Granted it’s mostly in a cookie cutter way, but it does get done without any real time from the business owner, who only needs to offer up the basic information about his business and give feedback.

Social Media doesn’t have sales reps going around and selling Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter Accounts or someone putting together your schedule making sure you have enough frequency and coverage and that your message is fitting the audience you’re talking to.  In the Social Media World you’re on your own, and what small business owner has the time to learn and study all the in and outs and best ways to use Social Media? All advertising works if properly used and it all fails when used improperly.  Seek out help, it’s there, it’s here.  Just as the internet changed everyone’s lives Social Media is going to do the same and right now we’re just at the tip of the iceberg.

Social Media can be a great tool to help build your brand, your image; you’re standing in the community at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.  It’s a great addition to any brand building campaign that you may currently have going on and the sooner you jump in and do it right the stronger your position will be and the healthy your business will be going forward.

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